Looking at The Percentages

I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on Covid-19 and some common
percentages that are  being used. I know I am not exactly a world
renowned expert on the subject. In fact I am not world renowned at
anything, but that never stops me from sharing my opinions on almost

We are hearing a lot today about those percentages. The percentage of
people who have been tested for Coronavirus or Covid-19 as we also
call it, is of what I speak. Then comes the percentage of those who
have been tested who have been found to have the virus. Then comes
percentage of those who have the virus who have died. We are being
deceived at just how serious or not serious, that this illness is.

Please take note, I did not say that it was not serous, it is. I am
fairly old and I may die from it, who knows? I said, we are being
misled. It is up to each of us, to decide whether that is intentional
or just incompetence.

A very large number of people are still going to statistically get
Covid-19. Just the increases in testing guarantee that the numbers
will go up a lot. Some will even die. We have only tested a minute
little percentage of those who have it, and a fair percentage of those
who have had it and gotten over it, which then are shown to have not
had it at all. Covid-19 is a small annoyance for many, a nasty
sickness for some, and death for a very few.

The percentages we are being given, is that between 1 and 2.5% of
those who have gotten the virus, have died from it.  Those numbers are
being gotten from a flawed sample. They are looking at those who have
currently been found to have come down with the illness, against those
who have died. What about the tens of thousands who were never tested,
who have had it and gotten over it and moved on? They are not
considered in the percentages of death. What about the millions who
will get it, and get better and move on before they are tested? The
percentage of deaths would go down exponentially and dramatically,
when you move beyond the comparison between the tested who are sick,
and the number of deaths, against real totals of those who have had
the disease.

The more you know about the real numbers of how many have had and have
survived the virus, the lower the percentage of deaths will be.

We are using completely flawed testing sample percentages, to over
emphasize the death total (educated guesses by honest people suggest
it will be .08%, that’s less than 1%) in order to shut down America in
order to gain government control over our citizenry and private
business. The bonus for many is, they feel they can blame this
president for the virus and the deaths. Too few deaths, and people
will just turn away a say not a big deal. Lots of death means, “daaa,
orange man bad!!!”

Accidental or on purpose, we are being mislead.

From Commentator Ann Coulter

If, as the evidence suggests, the Chinese virus is enormously
dangerous to people with certain medical conditions and those over 70
years old, but a much smaller danger to those under 70, then shutting
down the entire country indefinitely is probably a bad idea.
But even when the time is right — by Easter, June or the fall — there
will be no one to stop the quarantine because the media will continue
to hype every coronavirus death, as if these are the only deaths that
count and the only deaths that were preventable.

What mayor, governor or president will be willing to take the blame
for causing a coronavirus death?

We’ll get no BREAKING NEWS alerts for the regular flu deaths (so far
this season, more than 23,000, compared to 533 from the coronavirus).

Nor for the more than 3,000 people who die every day of heart disease
or cancer. No alerts for the hundreds who die each day from car
accidents, illegal aliens and suicide.

Only coronavirus deaths are considered newsworthy.

We’re told by the “Quarantine Everybody” crowd: Listen to the
scientists! Unfortunately, most of the “scientists” they present to us
are lawyers. (How did Robert Reich, Donna Shalala and Ron Klain become
medical professionals?)

Also, the scientists disagree.

Just as, I assume, they did in 1976, when epidemiologists warned of
another 1918 Spanish flu pandemic after a few young Army recruits died
of swine flu at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Eight months later, the
federal government launched a mandatory swine flu vaccination program.

About a quarter of the country was vaccinated before the program was
abruptly shut down. No pandemic had materialized. The virus infected a
few people, then vanished. But directly as a result of receiving the
vaccine, dozens of Americans died and several hundred acquired
Guillain-Barre syndrome.

The scientists also disagreed in the 1980s, when the media and
government went into overdrive to scare us all about AIDS&&&. (1985
Life magazine cover: “NOW, NO ONE IS SAFE FROM AIDS.”)
Surgeon General C. Everett Koop — as revered by the media then as
Anthony Fauci is today — lied about the disease, insisting that
“[h]eterosexual persons are increasingly at risk.”

Speaking of which, here’s liberal sex symbol Fauci on AIDS back in
1983, when he was with the National Institute of Allergy and
Infectious Diseases, but not yet its director: “As the months go by,
we see more and more groups. AIDS is creeping out of well-defined
epidemiological confines.” (It didn’t.)

In 1987, Fauci warned that French kissing might transmit the AIDS
virus, saying, “Health officials have to presume that it is possible
to transmit the virus by exchange of saliva in deep kissing. That
presumption is made to be extra safe.”

By 1992, after a decade-long epidemic with more than a million
infections, the Centers for Disease Control could find only 2,391
cases of AIDS transmission by white heterosexuals — and that included
hemophiliacs and blood transfusion patients. (“White” because AIDS
cases among Haitian and African immigrants had a variety of causes.)

But teenagers and sorority girls had to spend years being frightened
of kissing lest they catch the AIDS virus, just as today they’re
afraid of leaving their homes to avoid a virus that, in Italy, has
killed no one under 30 years old and precious few under 50.

We have to be “extra safe.”

Both the No French Kissing rule and Quarantine Everybody rule are
perfectly rational positions for an epidemiologist to take. That’s why
we need to listen to people other than epidemiologists.

How about the doctors who keep pointing out that the coronavirus is
mainly a problem for people over 70 and those with specific health
problems? (See here, here, and here.)

The president should listen to experts in other fields, too. A country
is more than an economy, but it’s also more than a virus.

If we listened only to emergency room doctors, we might come away
convinced that we have to completely ban cars, alcohol and gummy
bears. (Don’t ask.) While taking a torts class in law school, I was
afraid to sit under a chandelier, order a flaming dessert or stand at
a train stop.

Playwright Arthur Miller once told a story about a geologist who
remarked that life was possible even in the vast American desert. All
you needed was water, he said, and the largest reservoir on the globe
was located right under the Rockies.

But how would he get it?

Simple — drop a couple of atomic bombs.

But what about the fallout?

“Oh,” said the geologist, “that’s not my field.”

Today, the epidemiologists are prepared to nuke the entire American
economy to kill a virus.

What about the jobs, the suicides, the heart attacks, the lost
careers, the destruction of America’s wealth?

Oh, that’s not my field.


Thanks Guys

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