Gabbing Over The Backyard Fence  (but keep your distance)

Today’s post is really just me gabbing about whatever comes to mind. Over course, Cornonavirus is on my mind.

Today’s post is sort like a backyard fence. Neighbors have been exchanging thoughts over it for a few hundred years. I am that “noisy (obnoxious?) neighbor” who
talks and talks and won’t let you get a word in edge wise.

Of course I do my gabbing with a keyboard.

I am embarrassed to admit that I was pretty much practicing the
government’s demands of “shutting down” personal contact with my
fellows humans, before they were issued. My normal way of living
needn’t be changed because it was just about what‘s being asked of us.

I do go about the business of grocery shopping to feed myself just as
I did before. I am glad the government saw fit to not ask me to
starve. Yes, I also give myself a little extra space between me and my
fellow shoppers, partially in a effort to protect myself, but mainly
as not to terrify any of them for fear that I have it.

We here in Wisconsin are “allowed” to visit and hike our state parks
during the state shutdown, so one could only assume that all are
allowed to bring cameras and tripods with them.  If you do, make sure
you do not allow anyone to peer through the camera lens. They might
get to see what you see, but you might get what they have.

We are in the perfect time for unsocial recluses. While other people
are going through a “lack of socializing” anxiety, social misfits like
me have finally been rewarded for our reclusive life styles.

I of course am not a true recluse. I have been privileged to teach
dozens of photography workshops in my life, and I have
given slide show talks to groups of 20 to 700. That was when I spoke
because I had something to say. Now I write when I feel the urge.

Social distancing, is (not) for the birds.

Copy of DSC_5636

Especially families.


Keep the Faith, but above all, keep your distance. Socially that is.

Life here is too short not to smile once in a while!


Happy Trails,

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