In Your Face….Sort Of

Sharon Landis is the queen of close-up portraits of birds of prey.  They are always powerful but when they are “action portraits” well, it doesn’t get any better than that. Below we have an immature Bald Eagle with an “in your face” attitude.

BE SharonLandis

The master of everything photographic is of course, Jim Zuckerman.  Jim is one of photography’s most prolific, artistic and varied (in subject) you will find anywhere.

The shot below is that of a Peacock at sunrise. Who else would produce this masterpiece?


I will run the risk of diminishing my own legacy as I add a couple of tired old images of my own to this post.

Below we have a male Eastern Bluebird striking a nice pose, and a male Common Goldeneye striking a pose for his girlfriend or er, wife.

8BlBirdGHO 097b

1eKenDucks 127

Have a great day,


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