It’s Always Winter Somewhere


Over the years, when we have seen an image of a Mountain Lion, a
Bobcat and especially of a Canada Lynx, you could bet it was a captive
animal. Maybe a zoo shot, most likely done at a photo workshop set up
for photographers.

I recent years I have seen an ever increasing number of “real”, in the
wild images of these critters. There is an Alaskan photographer in my
Flickr group who shares images of wild Lynx regularly.

Whether this is good or bad is to each their own. The reason is simple
enough. Go from a few hundred photographers in North America wandering
around, or even sitting in their backyard, and on the extremely rare
occasion when they viewed a Mountain Lion, Bobcat and especially a
Lynx, maybe, just maybe, getting a decent shot, and now on to millions
of people with cameras wandering every inch of the continent with good
equipment and knowledge, and rare pictures become common ones.

I love the image above of a Lynx. It was created by Kevin Allen
Pepper. It appears to me to be a workshop image but today, who knows?
There’s a lesson with every picture we view and this one is, com,
compose your images regardless of how little space there is to work

If this was tighter and a vertical composition, a centered composition
would work (my opinion) work best. The off center to our right comp
that Kevin has here, is perfect for this picture.  Also, the low, eye
level perspective is excellent.

Natural Abstractions

I love abstractions, especially the nature made (rather than while
editing), edge to edge type as you see here from Adam Jones. This is a
thermal area in Yellowstone N.P. and the color shifts and layers of
texture are beautiful.

The season of winter is almost here, and in many respects, it has
already arrived. Winter is the season of opportunity for nature

Wildlife images contain a whole new meaning when snow or ice become a
integral part of pictures.



7DeerIllinois 050


From icy waterfalls to snowy scenics, and on to close-ups of ice,
winter is the season which keeps on giving.

9Winter Pets 053



11Slides2 050


13AbsractElMorro 081

14SlidesWaterWinterFall 025

Okay, my parting shot for today isn’t very spectacular, and it I know
it appears to have been created in late March, early April or some
such time. Well, actually it was made in mid August in a mountain
range in Colorado called the Never Summer Range.  This is around
13,000 foot of altitude.
15RMNP1 023

It’s always winter somewhere.

God Bless,

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