First Glance

Let’s begin today’s guest portion of this blog post with an image from
wildlife “giant” Charles Glatzer.

I do not believe I have ever seen an image from Charles of such
animals as this. He captured a wonderful moment as an Iguana discovers
a crab on the far side of a rock.

Everything in nature, especially wildlife experiences, are merely a
series of moments.
1Crab and IguanaCharlesGlatzer

I was intrigued by this aerial view of surf and sand from Denise
Ippolito. It was made above Africa, and its mysterious beauty is
2from the sky over KenyaDeniseIppolito

Let’s stay in the realm of the abstract with this “gathering” of fall
leaves near Acadia Maine from Jack Graham.

There is no end to the ways a photographer can make a statement about a season.
3Fall near Acadia MaineJackGraham

I will conclude today’s post with a few images of my own. They were
chosen “at first glance” and they are in no way meant to compete with
the fine art of the three superb guest images above.

As photographers, sometimes we can get so caught up in our subjects,
that we miss other components within the picture.

In the case below, that cute little Red Fox is fighting for my
photographic attention with that wonderful light from a Lake Michigan
sunrise. Each flatters the other.
4Fox2010 014

Soon autumn will go into hiding for another year. As I write this
post, she is leaving behind her signature. One part of it is those
already fallen leaves and the beautiful color and patterns they
contain.  This one almost seems “rusty”.

It always pays to look down.
5FallPets 005

Winter will approach next and with it, she will coerce birds and other
animals into doing things for food, that they do not normally do.

I have only seen Ring-necked Pheasants in bushes and trees in winter
and early spring. I caught this dashing fellow many years ago going
after some berries that clearly nothing else would touch. It does not
hurt that in winter the sun hugs the horizon and gives its rays a full
trip through the atmosphere near the Earth’s surface. That translates
into warm, beautiful light.


The snows of winter also allows photographers to not only include
wildlife in winter scenes, but to capture them in action within those
scenes. Such as is the case with this Ring-billed Gull.

For those of you living in my area of the Upper Midwest, the combination of glorious autumn colors and snow that I exist as I write this, are great conditions for some incredible “combo” images.

Photography is about fully immersing yourself in each and every
subject, and that certainly includes the seasons and the “in-between” seasons .

After several years of writing about photography and sharing my pictures,  about two years ago I was finally asked if I still create images, and if not, why not?  He wanted to know if I was no longer capable of going out and making images.

My answer was yes, I am capable of taking a camera and making an image.  I no longer create photos because I cannot do it with the dedication and passion in which I once did.

I do not know why I began including this old self-portrait in some of
my posts. It is one that I made on a cold winter’s day. I have another camera on
a tripod nearby and set it to trip the shutter after ten seconds. The
photo was fuzzy and rather than redo this chore that I did not relish,
I just took it home and over sharpened it.  I appear fat in all those
winter clothes but I can assure that at 6 foot 1 and 180 pounds when
it was made, I was not only not fat, but actually in pretty good
shape. Now today……well……maybe I’ll just drop the subject.

Keep smiling,

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