3 Amigos

My apologies for copying the title of the movie of the same name.

Let us begin today’s post with three people I am friended with on
Facebook. The truth is of course, like most people’s Facebook
“friends“, I have never actually met the three photographers that are
featured below. If I had, I am sure it would be my pleasure.

The band called The Eagles wrote in one song, that “you can see the
stars and still not see the light”.

It’s easy to point a camera at a scene or an animal, and see the
subject but not the story (the light), emotion, or art that
lives inside. Seeing the light is however the second half of photography, after
we learn the technology. Today’s three photographers can see the light
clearly, and have mastered the technology.

This first beautiful image was created from Galveston Island in the
Texas Gulf, by Mike Argo.

I know very little about Mike but he is a superior image maker when it
comes to the subject of sunrise/sunset, and probably a lot more.

I have been in this area and it never looked better than this.

Greg Downing  is a former Arthur Morris associate and is considered one
of the best avian photographers in the nation.

Oh how I would have loved to have had a crack at this shot at some
point in my career!  Mom and Pop Common Loon and a hungry baby.

This image is a ‘superstar” level picture with its blend of natural
history, and natural art.  Even that green water is beautiful.

The third picture was made by photographer/artist Deborah Sandidge. I
love her work and if she creates an image, you can bet it will be dreamy, artistic
and on the money.

This photo was made on Memorial Day in Boston’s Common Square. I could
think of several ways it could have been created, including multiple
exposures with a small shift of the camera for each exposure. Another
would be a series of consecutive frames of individual images, with a
camera position shift, and then combining them with digital software.

Whatever techniques she used, the result is as usual with Deborah,
superb!  I of course, love the patriotism as well.

Have a great day and God Bless,


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