Wildlife Tidbits

Today I have just a few wildlife images, and just a few words about them.

Is there anything better than a simple perch, a flawless,
uncomplicated background, and a pretty songbird posing like it is a
paid model?   Most of my images with these characteristics are those
of male Meadowlarks or Red-winged Blackbirds. This time it was a
colorful male American Goldfinch.

Zoo shots tend to be about mammals. The kind you may never photograph
in the wild. There are great birds there as well, and this one is an
African Cinereous Vulture.  It was good and close to me when it struck
several different expressions. I gave thanks and moved on.

The uncomplicated background scenario played out for me again with
this female Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

No better way to start the day than with a pretty lady, committed to
action, and willing to be photographed.
30zMiss 049

I have made countless photographs of Bull Fogs, Green Frogs, and
Leopard frogs, that are up close and personal. Right up to eyeball
shots. I saw this one on a wetland boardwalk while I was searching for
other subjects. It was different from my other frog pix as it was more
of a complete and composed image. So once again I clicked, and then
politely said thank you and moved on.

There’s nothing like a bunch of guys getting together, and having some snacks.

I made these pictures in Wind Cave N.P.,  South Dakota a week or so
before the rut for Bighorn Sheep. These same pals would have butted
heads if I would have been there just a little later.

I suspect this handsome chap had things other than munching on his
mind. He seemed to be a loner and he also appears young, so maybe he
just wants to learn from the veterans.

A blast from the past…………..Passion First………….. June 8, 2010

May God Bless,


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