A Flickr of Brilliance

Today’s images come from five fine photographer/artists whom are all
contributing participants in my Flickr Photos group called Earth
Images. These pictures were all added to that group.

Our first image comes from long-time Earth Images contributor and
Flickr friend Dave Renwald. This stirring black and white was created
in Yellowstone N.P.. Yellowstone is always thought of as a wildlife
photographer’s dream location, but it is just as important for
landscape photographers.


Well-done Dave!

I loved this close-up of two young bucks sparring the moment I saw it.
I believe but am not sure, that these are Red Deer residing somewhere
in the UK. Images that take viewers right inside the world of wild
animals are always powerful.

Just imagine if these two get a rematch a few years from now.
Hopefully, Dave Birmingham will be in the neighborhood once again.


Speaking of being up close!  Spectacular close-up photographer Stephan
Mudge made this crisp macro of a tiny Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog. Stephan
makes this little fellow look like a giant.


Now let’s take a look at a great image that takes us on a journey in
another direction.

Among my favorite kinds of photographs, are landscape photos that have
a “sense of place” to them, and then add the bonus of having nicely
composed indigenous wild animal within the picture frame. Landscapes
with wildlife rather than wildlife posing in a landscape. Peter Warne
captured this wonderful image of a wild Cheetah in Africa, and I am
glad he did! Glad he decided to deposit it in Earth Images as well.


Finally, I will ride off not into the sunset, but rather the sunrise
with a spectacular picture made in Australia by artist/photographer
Damian Mcuden. I find this image powerfully breathtaking.  Enough
adjectives?  No way!

x32266652678_6c89325208_z (1)

I want to thank each of these photographers for helping to make Earth
Images a great Flickr group.

Cya next time,


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