A Slice of Autumn

Sharon Landis remains one of America’s very best birds of prey
photographers. Just look at this flawless, absolutely crisp flight
shot of a Peregrine Falcon.

I know this picture could have been made in any season, but I just
couldn’t resist sharing it.


The fall season does not require complex, overly composed visions.
One of the great veterans, John Gerlach, made this beautiful image
during one of his workshops. Carve out a piece of the forest, simplify
it, and show us through your art, what you think about it.


Autumn is a premier season for creating photographic abstracts. I am
not surprised that Deborah Sandidge is the photographer/artist who
made this semi blurred, semi crisp rendition of a stream reflecting
fall’s colors. As always, beautiful Deborah.


Remember to “see” autumn up close this season. Both the soft gentility
(the top one at minimal depth of field) and the detail. These two very
humble images are some of my old ones, and are not meant for any
comparisons to the “fine art”  you see above.

4FallIllBeach 089b
5FallIllBeach 097b2Small

Have a great fall season,



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