City Slicker

I’m a guy who was raised a little bit in the city, a little bit in the
country, and mostly in-between. As a photographer, I certainly
considered myself a nature photographer more than anything else, but I
would photograph anything.

One of the cities I spent time in as a child, and as a young adult was
Chicago.  Today even more than back then, Chicago has its flaws.
With that said, whether you are on the “gritty side” of the city, or
across the water from Buckingham Fountain at dusk, it is also one of
the world’s most photogenic cities. Nobody can photograph the glitzy
side of town like Deborah Sandidge. She is the superstar of this form
of image making, and I am humbled to use one of her pictures on this
site. She puts long exposure techniques to better use than anyone



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