I bring to you today three great images from three different
photographers all who post in my  Flickr group, Earth Images.

With so many photographers in the world today it is becoming difficult
for most photographers to stand out. To get their head up above the
crowd. One way to make your presence felt is to be different or
unique. Make images that are unique in their subject matter, or create
imagery that is unique in its style, or both.

This first photo is indeed unique as a subject, and has been captured
flawlessly. Stephan Mudge made this shot of a female Hibiscus
Harlequin (beetle) as she observes her eggs hatching before her
eyes…..one by one. This is amazing!! I cannot state vehemently enough,
how thrilled, and I mean over the top thrilled, I would have been to
come across this event when I was making pictures. Luck, knowledge,
and talent all play a role in pictures like this.


When can wildlife images be abstracts? When they look like Karsten
Kretz’s fish shot below, that’s when! It is in fact a stunning
abstract that doubles as a legitimate natural history picture. The
blue on blue affect makes this shot even more powerful.


Okay, so what’s so special about a sunset? Nothing yet everything. Nel
Aboloc made this stunning image. There are a lot of amazing
sunrise/sunset images being created today but this one (for me) shines
above most. Not only is this a fascinating location, the blurred
clouds yet crisp snow make this a natural dichotomy as seen and shared
by a true artist. Incredible Nel!

nel aboloc

No matter how much the world of photography tries to become same
ole, same ole, there are image makers that just won’t stand for it.
Thank God!! I do believe, we will always be treated to a look at the
outside, through the eyes and hearts of artists who see from the

May God Bless,


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