Paying Homage

Earth Images is a blog of over 1,100 posts, and I have deleted around
30 more. I sometimes forget to mention that there are ten articles
here that were written by Ron Toel. In an effort to pay tribute to
Ron, I have provided the links to those posts below. The photos on
this page were made by Ron as well.

Loggerhead Shrike, somewhere in the American south

1Copy of bird000193

Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona

2Copy of DSC_0028

Wild Bison. Either Yellowstone or Grand Tetons National Parks

4Copy of DSC_0198

I believe this is a wild California Sea Lion

6Copy of DSC_0202

California Quail

7Copy of DSC_0515

The California Coast

8Copy of DSC_0374

I suspect this is a wild American Alligator in Georgia, or Florida

9Copy of rep0000082


Copy of Copy of Copy of DSC_0189

I don’t know whether Ron will ever see this, but I thank him either way

God Bless,


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