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Batten down the hatches!

Just a few words for those ever present, busy- body-do-gooders, who want to live everybody’s life for them. If you don’t want your kids to have a MacDonald’s Happy Meal do to sugar and calories, don’ let them get one. What a shock, once again they attack MacDonald’s (or Walmart), the poster children for everything evil for the “let’s live everyone’s life for them” crowd, while Popeye’s, or Burger King, or Kmart or Target could poison children as they come in the door, and they would ignore it.

I believe restaurants like MacDonald’s (really all restaurants) absolutely need to obey health laws and all laws. I have no argument with creating some federal guidelines that the amount of sugar, salt, fat and calories in foods need to available to consumers, but that’s it. This constant, government should think for us, socialist view that mandates a nanny state, needs to stop. Maybe they should first learn how to live their own lives before telling everyone else how to live theirs.

The first freedom we need to regain in this country is the freedom from over bearing do-gooders.

One of the things my Father, who was a great guy and would help anyone he could would say, is what’s wrong with the world is there are too many do-gooders. Not the kind that answeed the call of need, those who rammed what they dicted was neccessary down the throats of the masses.

Here’s a truth that it seems that nobody wants to confront. If the world (or the U.S. if the rest of the world will not do it), does not confront Kim Jung-un and North Korea soon, there will be a world wide tragedy in the near future.

Since the end of the Korean War, American Presidents and nations all over the globe have been kicking the can down the road in regards to North Korea. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, should be ashamed of themselves. Some tough talk, a few sanctions that have meant nothing, and let the next president worry about it. Well congratulations, he is worrying about it.

I am no military planner, but between the U.S, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, India and many more, this can be stopped. As expected, the U.N. has continued to prove itself an irrelevant bunch of phonies.

There is nothing worse (other than no freedom) than war. At least, fight it on your own terms. A lot of South Koreans or Japanese (Hawaii ?) should not have to die first, before we end this madman’s journey.

The political left is always gerrymandering its way towards a one world government. If your consistent, it should be perfect for you to want the world to join together and stop a brutal dictator, who just wants to kill people. Right? I only say that because your leaders seem silent on the idea.

I will admit that this last round of sanctions, is the first ever with teeth to it. Thanks to the lead of the U.S.. One last time to see how insane and evil this guy is, and then stop it once and for all!!!


I want to close with a few words about the NFL’s latest debacle, allowing disrespect for our National Anthem. As I peruse social media, the proponents of allowing players to disrespect our flag, just don’t understand where people like me are coming from. I am not surprised.

If I read one more time about the players Constitutional right to sit or do whatever they want during The Star Spangled Banner, I just might puke (sorry about that).

I can say that I and many others who criticize the actions of the NFL players, have no intentions of taking away their right to not stand during the anthem. That said, I don’t know where liberals work, but employers, every day, tell their employees what they can and cannot say, and what they can and cannot wear, and on and on and on. I worked for a company that dictated what I wore, and how I spoke, and how I acted. I did what they asked, because I was working for them…..not the other way around.

While I truly do grow weary of spoiled, rich, self-indulgent celebrities from every walk of life, the true culprits here are the teams, and the NFL. They can stop this, and stop the spitting on the graves of our war dead, done just to satisfy the egos of little boys who never grew up and the politically correct crowd, all over a manufactured issue. Cops killing black men “unjustly”, statistically does not hold up. I would like to see the NFL players last one lousy week as cops in a high crime area (of any or all races) of America. There would be more innocent people shot by that force than ever imagined.

Of course they would be told what to wear, what they can say, and how to conduct themselves by police chiefs and sheriffs who are real men and women.

To close: We have reached the point where everything, absolutely everything connected to the political left smells of the stench of hypocrisy. I am not sure there are any exceptions any more.

The lame excuse of constitutionality for why we must accept these NFL babies disrespecting our nation’s flag, and the weaklings in the NFL and its franchise teams allowing it, is once again blatantly hypocritical.

While I may forget what I was talking about five minutes ago or where I put my socks, I have a long, long memory that reaches into the past for many other things.

Here’s what I remember. I remember the entire left-wing of the sports world, including am sports radio hosts and guests and athletes, left-wing Hollywood types, liberal commentators, comedians and more, making fun of, and stating firmly that Tim Tebow should be stopped from kneeling in prayer after his team scored. He was called names some of which were vicious and demeaning, and the name callers answered critiques of them by saying that Tebow HAD NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to stop for a second and pray.

I would say that their use and knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, is very, very selective.

It’s fair for me to give you an honest answer to how I viewed Tim Tebow’s bowing to one knee after a touchdown.

It will surprise nobody who reads this blog that I was okay with it. Bowing to God in thanks, is a positive, upbeat, joyous thing, not a negative rejection of the principals of our nation. He wasn’t taking a knee, he was bowing on his knee in thanks to something greater than himself.

Despite those facts, if the Denver Broncos would have asked (or told) him to stop, I would have supported their right to do that. I would imagine that Tim would have done the same thing.


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