Three For the Road

The majority of the recent posts that I have published here at Earth Images, have had at least one uncorrected error. Not factual errors, but grammatical errors and especially words that I meant to remove during corrections that I made before publication, that were left where they were. My most recent article was corrected four times after it was published. If there are any more mistakes in that one I do not know, nor will I ever know, as I refuse to read it one more time.

Sorry about that, there is no excuse to be given.

Today’s post is just about sharing four fine images from three other photographers. The images come from each of the three major categories of nature photography, wildlife, landscape and macro.

What a nice image of a woodpecker feeding a hungry baby. The framing and overall comp is excellent. Jacobo Rigotti deserves the credit. I suspect the birds, the photographer, and the image are from Europe.18892966_10211197850935010_7685081170028807376_n

This image was made somewhere in Asia and is referred to as Vik Island. Ruff Etienne is the photographer/artist. There is something indescribable about my fascination with this picture, but I will try anyway. To me, the image is stark, yet luscious. It is almost monotone, but the warm grasses and the moss on the rock add not only color, but pop. I love the orderly composition! There, I did it.34155654115_f8ba3b4e3f_c

I am not even sure what member of the insect family those gigantic eyes belong to. We’ve all heard of the “wide-eyed” child. I suspect this little ”bugger” is all grown up but it certainly is wide-eyed. The photographer uses the moniker Tomy Mac but the credit on the photo is T. Velazquez de Castro.34991024181_2483e25e80_c

Same photographer, different sort of macro. This image of a Preying Mantis on a flower, is an elegant study of nature with a sweeping, artsy feel to it.932765875896_8ba579f088_c

For me, there was never anything better than crawling around nature, looking for everything that it has to offer. There are natural history stories, and there is the art of color, design and discovery just waiting for you and your macro lens.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                     Wayne

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