Hope & Freedom

Hope is never dead, and it can always lead us to freedom.

The thirst for freedom, accompanied by a logical degree of self-governance, is a powerful thing. The polite freedom loving young man I am introducing you to today, was banned from commenting on Barrack Obama’s Twitter feed during the recent Presidential campaign.

There is no fear like the fear of the truth.

CJ Pearson

Coreco Ja’Quan “CJ” Pearson is an American political activist and commentator, and freelance journalist. He has made appearances on television and on YouTube, with his publications seen in a variety of online news sources. Wikipedia

Born: July 31, 2002 (age 14 years), Augusta, GA

Nantionality, American

Parents: Robin Pearson

Education: Evans High School (2016–)




Bravery comes in many forms, and in all ages.  Every time people like you and I cower, someone braver comes to take our place.

Never say never.


The truth about Syria, their chemicals weapons, and the Obama Administration.



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