Variety is what drove me through so many years of photography. I enjoy image makers who think like painters, and for whom, the whole world is their pallet. Personally, I was always drawn firstly to nature, but I photographed most anything that caught my attention.

I am not sure who Cuba Gallery is, but his first name is Andrew, and he lives in Auckland New Zealand. Please visit the links below.



I have never been a great fan of square compositions. Even when I used square format film cameras, any prints I produced from them were “usually” cropped into the rectangular format. That said, Cuba (Andrew) uses the square format really, really well.

The subjects, perspectives, and treatments (b&w, color, etc.) below are varied but all attracted my attention.


Notice that the dog is dead center in the picture frame. Normally I am even less a fan of that than I am the square image format, but he clearly utilizes symmetry very well. The low position of the viewer is what makes the centered dog perfect. We actually visually elevate the dog because of his low position used to make the picture. 13183482194_014092fc55_z

Once again, the subject is centered left to right. Of course her vertical standing position means that there is a variety between the horizontal and vertical directions within the picture frame.13184530771_ecac597e78_z




This riotous cityscape (alleyscape?) is equal parts literal and abstract.16136382615_63ed572692_z




As most of you know, I love imagery that contains vivid highlights and deep shadows. I like the way we drive out of the shadows and into the light. The road also takes us uphill and our ultimate destination is a cloud rimmed mountain.


He moved even farther away from conventional landscapes with this engine and propeller. Showing some land and sea in the lower part of this photo helps us keep in perspective that airplanes fly….up in the air. Perspective, whether traditional or unique, is always an important aspect of photography.26717916902_9bb7863c2a_c



I love this clean and crisp b&w. I can also see another comp in my head where the beach stretches out in front of us, and just a kiss of sky is showing. Of course, I have no idea what that sand looks like below the edge of the picture. It does matter if we were there at the time of conception.28534660022_d94956d710_c

I enjoy discovering unique and special talents. There as many ways to apply the art of photography as there are people to make a picture.

Have a great day and God Bless,                                                                                                            Wayne


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