The Eyes Have It

There is nothing more fascinating to me, than the eye. Insect eyes, bird eyes, reptile eyes cat’s eyes, and yes, even human eyes. They say that the eye is the window to the soul. I doubt that, but still, both truths and fictions are laid bare through the eyes.

Keith Lamour captured the essence of an iguana with this eyeball picture. If you can only show one part of a living critter, the eye is a good choice. Is he or she looking at the photographer? The camera? Us?iguana-keith-lamour

They say that to be jealous is to be visited by the “green eyed monster” ! Hmmmm, maybe this person is in shock? You can see the catch light from what is likely an electronic flash. What else is mirrored in the eye? Mark’s Gone Public created this image.ihhumaneyemarksgonepublic

It seems that with eyes, there are more questions than answers.

It also seems that nighttime cityscapes are always spectacular. The flash and sparkle of all that manmade lighting almost seems like it is from nature. This is Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam and Fuezi Dintas made the shot.jhochiminhvietnamfuezi-dintas

I haven’t made a lot of farm style (makes me think of a farm style omelet, mmmm) landscapes in my photographic life, but I actually “broke in” one of my medium format film cameras working with plowed fields that had bits of snow on top of the furrows. Wonderful sweeping lines.

Ricardo Pesaresi created these two rhythmic images of color, lines, and light. Even with buildings or trees to give an identity to these pictures, they are abstract and somewhat minimalist in their design. Both images have very pleasing compositions.rik58


I love celebrating photographic art.

There has been much for me to say recently, on the state of America, but I have chosen to remain silent. I am biting my tongue, or better said, sitting on my typing fingers, in an effort to give America a chance. Many good Americans have done the same. My patience is growing thin. Soon I will once again begin my political/social commentary, for better or for worse.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                                  Wayne

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