There’s an uncountable number of ways to be an explorer. Hopefully, I have been some sort of example to common folk like me on how to proceed with the spirit of adventure (climbs, horses, public speaking, hazardous drives etc.), in the body of a simple photographer. These days most of my exploration is done internally, and that includes my travels through the world of photography in an effort to bring you some interesting pictures. My greatest exploration currently is my spiritual journey, which is the adventure of a lifetime.

Landscape, abstract, and wildlife photographic artist Ian Plant, continues to do his thing regardless of what is traditionally thought of as the “way to be a top pro”.

Almost every top photographer I can think of would have “closed in” on this female Orangutan in Gunung Leuser N. P. in Indonesia. A close-up of this critter would have completely missed both the context of its environment, and the action of the moment.Female-orangutan-8,-Gunung-Leuser-National-Park,-Sumatra,-Indonesia

I do not know what kind of chick (the bird that is) this is, but come on now. It’s hard not to love this cuddly image made by Anna-Kristina Polanski.chick

I don’t include many people pictures on Earth Images but I loved this penetrating picture of a street musician.  I feel like I understand the character of the subject. The photo was made by Ed Edwards.stamuhr1Wandering musician Ed Edwards

I love macros, I love the blending of light and shadows, and I love abstracts. Their to wit, I love this picture by Corina kr.drops-1Corinna kr

I had to include one image from Earth Images on Flickr and I chose this Dave Green picture of a Gannet with nesting material.  Take one of nature’s most photogenic birds the Gannet, an amazing mid-air pose, and a great photographer, and there is no escaping the result is a great image. Compelling is even a better word!Gannett dave green mr. oy

The freedom to explore physically, intellectually or spiritually, is the ultimate adventure.

“Money’s the cheapest thing, liberty and freedom the most expensive.” Bill Cunningham.



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