The High Road

The low road is always cheap and easy, and the high road just as difficult. That’s just how it should be.

When I make critical comments of groups or individuals on subjects related to politics or social issues, I try to make sure I have that right. In other words, I want to make sure that I am above, or better than those I criticise. At least as it concerns the subject at hand.

I’ve written on these pages before, that I am a fan of many sports and competitions, but in particular auto racing. I have been around car racing since I was 3 years old, and I was a long-time photographer of racing competition. I have mentioned on these pages that in national racing organizations like NASCAR, I cheer for drivers that come from my home state first, and then for others. NASCAR is currently in the midst of their championship playoffs generally called “the chase”.

A few weeks ago racer, Joey Logano spun out Wisconsonite Matt Kenseth, rather than race him honestly. It’s akin to a pro football (American football) player blasting a wide receiver head to head rather than making an accepted tackle. It cost Kenseth any chance for the title. It was a cheap and weak way to win. I’ll ignore my feeling about NASCAR, who are ambiguous in their decisions as far as what is right and what is wrong on these manners. Controversies like this do of course, bring in future viewers. All sport is a form of entertainment. In the next race, Kenseth returned the favor. He wrecked Logano. I was okay with that at first. I mean, good close competition brings results like this quite often. I know for a fact, Kenseth is growing weary of things like this happening to him, while he turns the other cheek. Then I learned ( I did not see the race) that Kenseth was 10 laps down from the leader (Logano) after repairing damage from a mishap that was beyond his control with some other racers. He waited for the right moment, and wrecked Logano. While I understand the frustration that led to his decision, it was wrong. I follow Kenseth not only because he is from my home state, but because he is a class act. Kenseth took the low road when he sank to Logano’s level, and I did the same when I supported Kenseth.

The paragraphs above are not really about auto racing. They were penned (typed) because life is always ready to remind people, that we best be careful that we don’t become who we criticise.

Matt Kenseth is a decent guy and a great racer, but when he steps over the line, it is incumbant for me to not support him. NASCAR needs to suspend him

The high road is the most difficult path, but it validifies the stances that I (and you) take. Life is  a long series of lessons and “lessons learned”  should be guide us every day.


Just a few pictures because we always celebrate image making here at Earth Images.

Every image you see below, was a brief moment in time.  As diverse as this random sampling of pictures are, each one represents to me, a moment of connection with my subject. Those moments are as crisp and clear today as they were when they were made.


2Copy of DSC_0307




6HawBunting 116

7Slides6 021

Make today a good one,                                                                                                                    Wayne



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