Wild Things 2

I rarely publish posts that are entirely about wildlife, unless the article is about a certain species or type (waterfowl, small mammals, etc.) of animal. It’s not that I don’t love wildlife imagery because I do, it’s just that there is usually a little more creative juice employed in the creation of other types of images. In my search for pictures for today’s posting I just kept coming across great wildlife images so, here we are.

I have seen many of these pictures with two Gannets displaying their courtship affections. I never tire of them and this is a nice as they come. https://www.flickr.com/photos/132833051@N08/1a22338280358_a957a7ce09_z

Mirjana Jesensek Tomas made this awesome shot of a fluttering tern. Note the egg on the little island. This is the perfect time to divide “the mirror” right down the middle.2a2015 - 1

Emanuela Bianchimade this great close-up of a hawk, talons and all. What attracted me to this picture is the crop. I have never seen a crop or composition like this. Totally unique. I would guess that this is a captive bird.3ad6

Wildlife great David Hemmings takes us take us straight into the world of the Alaskan Brown Bear. The light in this picture is outstanding and I believe that is the reason I found this image more compelling than most such portraits I have seen.4a David Hemmings Alaskan Brown Bear

Ian Plant scored this endearing picture of a Polar Bear mom with her cub. The cub is curious but mom appears to be just plain ole worn out.5aPolar-bear-and-cub-resting-in-snow,-Arctic-National-Wildlife-Refuge,-Alaska,-USA IanPlant

Meet this king. There is always room for another picture of the king. Scott Ramsay made the picture in Africa.6aHwange-NP-copyright-Scott-Ramsay-www_LoveWildAfrica_com-3

Finally, we come to what I think are the two most outstanding images of today. They both are Wildlife of Photographer The Year winners and come from the Facebook page of the same name.

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to be a fish watching an Eagle attempting to snatch its lunch (you) out of the water? Audin Rikardsen got the shot with what I am sure took some careful planning, and deserves the honor which was bestowed to him.7Audun Rikardsen White Tail Eagle fishing, from the fishes perspective

This next picture was captured by amateur photographer Don Gutoski which proves you do not have to earn your living at this to make world-class images.

The Red Fox has been expanding its range to the north. They have been moving into the territory of the Arctic Fox and it not only has caused some stress over hunting and denning territories, but they have occasionally been seen fighting. As small and petite as Red Foxes are, the Arctic is even more so. A fight between the two resulted in death for the Arctic Fox and a meal for the Red Fox.8a12068451_886287261425324_17903985084434630_o

Life in the wild world is harsh and even (cute) little critters that we love, such as the Red Fox are by nature both territorial, and killers.  An amazing award-winning image!!

Our wild friends have added much value and richness to my life.  Hopefully they have done the same for you.

Happy Trails, Wayne

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