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Please forgive me for some portions of what I will discuss in today’s post. Normally I do not write about lewd and lascivious acts on this blog, but I can only comment on the world that actually exists. The leaders of liberal movements worldwide, which laughingly pretend to be about freedom, continue to promote the perverse freedoms of the very few, at the expense of the very many. While I rant and rave about the road they have taken us on, they couldn’t have’t taken us this far, without at least the silence, if not the complicity, of moderates and some conservatives.

As many of our public schools now refuse to refer to students as boys and girls, San Francisco considers allowing public nudity on its streets, and New York City now allows public urination (men in rain coats in front of little children?) without penalty. Italy, one of the American Left’s preferred nations, will now allow masturbation in public. Yes, you read that correctly. I guess, they don’t want to “infringe” on the rights of the perverted, so they will tell good citizens and families, to learn to live with it. I would imagine American political types of that same ilk will want to follow suit, as they generally idolize the far left of Europe. Gee, can’t wait (sarcasm) how about you?

Nothing above is made up. Nobody could make up what the political/social left has done to our world. No matter how far I go in making fun of liberalism, they go a step farther.

We are seeing before our eyes, the results of a world without God. Plenty of religion, very little God. This is not even the Christian in me talking. No Bible verses today. The simple belief of a deity we call God, keeps humans grounded. As soon as humans decide that they (or nature) are in fact God, than the world becomes Gomorrah.

This nation was created by people who believed in a higher order. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are crafted with God and the freedoms he provides, in mind. Here is something you’ve never heard me say, or seen me write, many of the founding fathers were not true Christians. Those that were not, did however believe in a God, and found the Bible the best place to understand right and wrong. Minute by minute, word by word, decision by decision, America and the world have declared themselves the only real God. Even many of our Christian churches, have ignored the true Word of the Bible. They have declared themselves God.

For all of those who now will relieve themselves on the streets of New York, and do worse on the streets in Italy, I am so glad (sarcasm) that you feel comfortable and accepted by society. After all, we all gotta right to be ourselves (more sarcasm) without judgment from a bunch of “bible thumpers”. Right?  Just remember who started us down this road when that 50-year-old truck driver pees in the stall next to your five-year old daughter.

From Syria to Egypt (that‘s right), and from New York and Rome, God has been ignored, and shoved aside, or reinvented to accommodate man‘s own selfish, and increasingly pervasive nature. Unfortunately, I fear we are only seeing the edge of what’s to come.

I have not yet decided whether this post will be moved to August 16, 2015 where all political/social articles reside, or will be deleted all together. I feel dirty just writing it.


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