The Profilers…..The Truth About Profiling

I am sure it is politically incorrect to even discus the truth, including the pros and cons about profiling. None the less, as is usual, I will try anyway.

One of the most hilarious things that modern man thinks he can do, is make laws against profiling…..and make them work. Each and every one of us profiles every day. The best we can hope for is that the profiles are compiled with a good heart, but you can’t legislate a good heart.

The laws are made to keep white police officers from presuming or assuming through profiles, that minorities are criminals, or should be the first suspect in every crime. That’s not the way the law is written, but that’s what it means. It is not trying to address how minority officers profile potential criminals of any color, despite the fact that they profile just as readily as white officers.

When a young black man in an American central city sees a car coming with a badge on the door and some lights on top, and he spots a white police officer behind the wheel, and (if he) assumes he is racist, that young black man is profiling him. There is no evidence that the officer is racist in any way, but it doesn’t stop him from creating that profile in his mind. When you walk into a used car lot to purchase a car, and are greeted by a fast talking man who has you looking at cars before you catch your breath, you think he is trying to flim/flam you. You have used a stereotype of used car salesman and made a profile in your mind. The truth is, he might be the most honest car salesman on the planet, but that doesn’t fit your profile. You’re in your mid-twenties and are a mountain biker who leads tours through the Rocky Mts. A new cast of characters shows up for a tour and you immediately begin to appraise them and are quite pleased at the youthful athletic appearing group…..until you see the lady with all of those lines in her face. She must be in her late sixties. I guess this trip will have to be modified to accommodate the old lady. Now we’re all going to have a boring ride because of her. In truth, she may have the most endurance (and common sense) of anyone in the whole group, but that’s not what the profile created by the leader suggests. Even animals like dogs and horses create profiles. I have known members of each animal type who have been mistreated by men, and therefore preferred the company of woman. They automatically judged and mistrusted (a profile?) men when they saw them. I am pretty sure that there are some men who love animals, and treat them well. In time, those men might help to erase the memories from which they built their profiles, but in the mean time, the truth is in the profile, as far as that animal is concerned.

Any one of the profiles above could be totally wrong. It’s also true, that any of the above profiles could have turned out to be correct. Some profiles stem from personal experience, and some from either the valid information, or unjust prejudices of others.

True profiles are actually derived from analyzing the behavior of the specific people who you are observing, and/or from documented data collected by others about people with similar backgrounds as those you observe. As normal people like you and I (all people really) move through life, by necessity we take shortcuts in hopes it will save us potential grief. Sometimes we are good profilers, sometimes not.

Is it just me, or do any of you also grow weary of all the hemming and hawing (terror) about just discussing honestly, some of the things that the politically correct crowd force on us? They want to end profiling, (once again everybody including them profile), but they don’t want to talk about it. They might be shocked at just how capable many people are at having an open discussion on those subjects that we are told that we just need to accept. I always wonder who it is that appoints (or anoints) this special group of people who seem to believe they should decide for us, what we can say, what we can do, and what we can think. I have often found those very people to be the most narrow-minded and inflexible in society. If any of you are among those people and are reading this, I’m betting you are profiling me from my writings right now. Oops, now I’m profiling you! We can go on like this all day. Profiling, right or wrong, is a natural means of appraising situations among all living things.

Profiles can be a good thing, and they can be a bad thing, but neither you or I, or any written law, is going to stop any one of us from being a profiler.

That’s the truth, as I see it.

Have a special day,                                                                                                                       Wayne


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