The Fraud Squad

We now have videos, of a leading Democrat operative, bragging to James O’Keefe about voter fraud, especially in Wisconsin. For up to 50 years liberal organizations have been trucking in outsiders to vote illegally in elections. First buses, then rental cars, and finally cheap auto auction cars have been used. For those of you who live here in Wisconsin, have you noticed some locations (Milwaukee, Madison etc) are holding early voting and moving the date earlier with every election. Just think how many car loads of people have already been brought in to vote illegally.

Scott Foval, filthy mouth and all, was fired by American’s United for Change. He was fired for getting caught. This left-wing group is partially financed by leftist billionaire George Soros. Foval, describes just how Democrats do it. Unfortunately here in Wisconsin we don’t do anything to them even when they are caught.

American’s United for Change, is two steps from the Democrat Party. They attempt to insulate the party that way but when somebody talks (brags) the cat gets out. The Democrat Party knew, and therefore approved of this. Foval’s orders, came from Democrat leadership. It is obvious, that every major Presidential candidate for the last (at least) twenty years has known about this. What a disgusting bunch. I feel dirty just writing about them.

For my Democrat friends out there. At least since the second election of Bill Clinton, conservatives/Republicans, have been telling you there is massive voter fraud going on. Oh I know, it’s just those damn Republicans crying again. There have been some locations where you would have to wear a blindfold to not see the fraud. There are a few honest Democrats who are beginning to speak up, and admit to the fraud. How does it make you everyday normal, honest Democrat voters feel? How long can you turn your head and close your eyes? I obey my nation’s and my state’s laws. I hurt nobody. I participate in the political process and how many times over the years, has my vote been taken from me due to a fraudulent vote on the other side? Do you care? This is the party of your choice. Set yourself free from the shackles of the Democrat Party and offer them your concerns. You’ll feel better. Wash off the ooze

Voter Fraud

We now also know, that those violent outbursts by protesters during Donald Trump campaign speeches were orchestrated and “produced” by the same group. They paid homeless people and union members to start the trouble. They were instructed how to provoke people into hitting them in front of the cameras. Don’t you feel dirty?

Draw Them in to Punch You

There have been two firebombings at Republican headquarter buildings in the past week. You may not have heard much about them, because apparently they are not newsworthy by the mainstream, liberal (Democrat) media. If those firebombings occurred at Democrat headquarters you would see it on the news everyday for a week……and Donald Trump would be blamed for it. I suppose it is plausible that Democrats could burn their own building so the media could blame Trump? Just saying.

I would love to report on the illegal actions and sleazy dealings of Hillary Clinton, but it is toooooo much to comprehend. Every day, every day, every day, new facts come out from the FBI investigation that would have disqualified any Presidential candidate at any other point in American history. In fact, prior to this time, anybody else would be in court fighting for her/his freedom.

I’ll leave you with a thought. Do you not wonder why Democrats are slowly moving away from calling Republicans the party of the rich. Even though the Republican candidate is a billionaire. Warren Buffett, George Soros, Wall Street. For eight years now it is the Democrat Party who’s joined at the hips to the “fat cats”.

Well, I thank you for listening (looking), and I apologize for all of the negatives. A positive attitude is pointless right now. What’s needed, are warriors who see this once great nation disintegrating before us, and are not willing to go down without a fight.

God Bless, Wayne


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