Out of The Woodwork

Bit by bit, piece by piece, people of all colors, of all social status, of both sexes and of all political philosophies are becoming more vocal about the corruption and hatred that “is” Hillary Clinton. They are coming out of the woodwork.

Neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, who ran for president in the Republican primaries earlier this year, is a political conservative of the more gentle sort. He is a fine American who would rather understate what he sees and how he feels rather than beat you over the head with it. Below you will find a link to a recent writing of his about this election and about the current and future state of America. If you fancy yourself a Christian or Jew, or just someone who believes we ought to be able to worship a god of some sort, and go to a place of worship, this is especially important to you. This is very terse and to the point. Rather abrupt for “Gentle Ben”.

If you admire quiet, decent, super intelligent people, and care about what they think, the link below will take you to a recent writing from the good doctor. It’s time for all of us to wake up.



Actor James Woods is not the quiet and gentle sort. He is an anomaly because he is a Hollywood actor ( a great one) who is politically conservative. He is honest, and below is a quote from James along with a photo that says it all. Thanks to James for calling attention to the fact that even the left-wing rag known as the New York Times, is being forced to acknowledge the news.

James Woods ‏@RealJamesWoods 8 hours ago
 You know it’s getting serious when the #NYTimes actually engages in the practice of journalism (for a change)…cv6wfpiuaaauhwc

Care to see what one woman who is a socialist and feminist has come to realize about Hillary Clinton? Check out Camille Paglia’s view on Hillary Clinton.


They are truly coming out of the woodwork.

Richard Nixon is the former president that most people think of first when it comes to corruption. That is understandable. Here are a few things to remember. Nixon resigned because Republicans, his own party, told him to get out or we will impeach you. They then told him, we will follow that up with a trial in the Senate to remove you from office. His primary sin, was that he believed all his political enemies were “out to get him”. He made that attitude pervasive throughout his administration. The misdeed which led down the path to his downfall, was the break in at the Democrat headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. Nobody’s ever proved he had fore knowledge of the actual burglary, but either way he set the tone for it to happen. Compare that to the thousands of pages of misdeeds, some suspected, and many provable, done by Hillary Clinton. Nixon’s ultimate downfall, was 13 minutes of tape that was clipped from one cassette. Hillary Clinton has  “lost” at least 33,000 emails, along with computers, phones etc. She remembers not what happened to any of them. They were under federal subpoena when they went missing. She and Bill are still under investigation for the horrible use of the Clinton Foundation. Pay for play understates what happened there. This person may well be elected President of The United States while this goes on. If that occurs, certainly look for the current President to pardon her before he leaves office. If not needed until after her inauguration, look for her to attempt to pardon herself. With all the money she corralled through the Clinton Foundation, sometimes from enemies of this nation, while she represented America as our Secretary of State, just image how she and Bill will fill their pockets while she is President. She will sell that office to the highest bidder (s).

Where is the Democrat Party, and all of Hillary’s supporters now? They should be ashamed of themselves!!

Always remember, after Bill Clinton’s impeachment ( for perjury and more) in the House of Representatives, Democrats held a party on the White House lawn. To celebrate I guess. Bill proclaimed, “this impeachment’ stuff isn’t so bad”.

The mainstream media are hypocrites and phonies when they cover at nauseum unsubstantiated accusations of physical molestation from Donald Trump, and when they ignore provable crimes from Hillary Clinton.  With only a few exceptions, there is no true press in America anymore.



As is so often the case, I find it necessary to finish on a sour note. Realizing the possibilities that could be near with the last round of scandalous Hillary Clinton emails, I find it important to issue cautions. Just because FBI Director Comey notified congress of new emails, does not mean anything will come of it. You must remember, the Obama Justice Department and FBI Director Comey sees their job primarily as keeping the path open to a Hillary Clinton Presidency, not to serve the taxpayers via the rule of law.  Their priorities are political not enforcing the law. My comments are not meant to reflect on the entirety of the Justice Department, or specifically the rank and file of the FBI, who do a great job. If the media are forced to report thoroughly on this issue and it seems as that might be the case, then look for at least one more big bombshell from the Clinton camp about Trump.  Likely something about a woman. If it contains actually physical molestation I am betting it is false.


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