Press On

From Armstrong Williams

“Let’s not be distracted from the truth of this 2016 presidential campaign message merely because of the imperfections of the messenger. While at times in-artfully expressed, Donald Trump has questioned conventional wisdom and gone against the grain in ways only someone who is not a member of the political class can do. His pop culture roots give him a sort of popular legitimacy and grassroots appeal that cannot be denied or controlled by the mainstream media. He has proven to be resilient in the face of attacks, in many cases actually benefiting from negative publicity.

The media is afraid of this. They are so accustomed to being able to build people up and take them down with ease, that the Trump candidacy’s resistance to shocks makes them question their own power and prestige.

Because they cannot take him down, they cannot control him, and that scares them even more. The mainstream media knows that if they cannot succeed in destroying Donald Trump after building him up and feeding off the controversy generated by his candidacy, they are not in control. And that’s why they decided to unleash a ten-year-old recording the eve of the second Presidential debate. They want desperately to control perspective, and they are failing.” Armstrong Williams

Armstrong is a long time conservative voice among minorities. He is moderate in his approach. While I agree with his sentiments I think he feels that they are a beatable force. Propaganda, and that’s exactly what’s happening, is almost impossible to defeat.

I do not know if I could ever be a true Trump supporter to the point that Armstrong is. I do however know this, I would do everything politically possible to stop Hillary Clinton. There are only two people with any chance of winning this election, and while Trump’s chances are slim, any chance is worth exploring.


It’s funny, Green Party candidate Jill Stein was in Wisconsin the other day campaigning. The Green Party is to the left of Stalin, but so is the modern Democrat Party. She was asked if somebody other than you wins the presidential election, would you rather it be Clinton or Trump. This left winger didn’t hesitate long to select Trump. Her reasoning was, we have never been closer to nuclear war than we are today. I (this is me talking) grew up during the Cold War, and that is saying a lot. Many people and countries agree with that, including Russia. She indicated, that Hillary could push the button merely to wield power and satisfy her anger at the entire world. Also because, Syria as at the root of the most current problem, and she owes much to that nation. Trump would actually be slow to push that button. Human life has meant little to Hillary.

This the most perilous time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I know many of you who read this, don’t entertain the Bible as a source of reality. It’s too bad because in unspecific terms, all of this is right there to read.


A separate matter.

This is a photo of George Washington Carver booker-t-washington

The only difference from then to now, is the users, the paid enslavers if you will, are both black and white. They are often referred to as the Democrat party. From the pre Civil War cotton fields of South Georgia, to the ghettos of our large cities of today, American Blacks are still being held captive. Once by white southern plantation owners, and now by Democrat politicians lusting after their votes, as well as inner city “black activists” who earn their living by making sure poverty, crime, unrest and despair remain. In many ways, this is worse than the original slavery. That’s because freedom is right there for anybody, they just need to set themselves free by divesting themselves of those Democrats and the so-called city planner/activists. There is much money and power derived from keeping them on the plantation, which is the modern day inner city.


A successful dictator 1st controls the media, 2nd disarms the citizens



Interested in how FBI agents feel about the way Director James Comey and Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch decided to not prosecute Hillary Clinton in the email scandal ? Read here.


A speech along the campaign trail by President Obama, hints not too subtly at the enacting of laws against free speech, at least conservative speech.

Everything our Founding Fathers feared, and many things that have been written about only in futuristic novels, is coming home to roost as we watch. People like me, needed to have been more proactive for these many years. It seems as though we have already given the “keys to the country” and our freedoms with them over to the totalitarians. The corrupt left, and what we now know is a corrupt media.

I will remind you, violence can not be the answer. I know that there are good basic fundamental Americans, who are feeling so cheated that they are calling for an uprising. We can’t stoop as low as those liberals who have promoted riots and violence to achieve power.  Fight the best we can at the ballot box. I know it’s a fixed game but you never know for sure what will happen unless we try.

Take care and God Bless,                                                                                                                          Wayne


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