More Killing

I apologize for publishing yet another non-photography post after promising the opposite. Whatever subject I produce on this blog, commenting is what I do.

The first six paragraphs below were written previous the rest.

It seems we have yet another mass murder in the world. This one occurred in Orlando, Florida at a gay nightclub. The shooter is Islamic, and has made threats before. This is not just another shooter,  it is once again Islamic terrorism.

For the many, many Americans who hold Christianity in disdain, because of what the Bible says about homosexuality among both men and women, do you not understand the difference in what the Bible teaches us about this subject, and what many Muslims believe?

Every legitimate Christian organization I know of, and I mean those that understand and believe the Bible, I care not what the name of their church or denominations is, teaches us that it is a sin. As Christians we are to help them see the truth, and to help deliver them from that sin. If they won’t accept that, we are to leave them alone. It is no difference than a fellow Christian helping to deliver me from a sin I commit, and guide me to salvation. I often need that deliverance as I am anything but perfect. You should want gay people in your church, as long as they do not attempt to do anything to promote it. Everybody, gay or not, should be treated with the utmost of respect. Nobody should ever be physically accosted even in the smallest way, much less killed for their sin. If we were all killed for our sins, we would all be dead.

Gays are persecuted in Islamic nations all over the world. A couple of years ago Rosie O’Donnell lamented on her talk show, how much she hated (Bible believing) Christians for their stand on homosexuality. She said she harbors no such feelings of hatred towards Islam. It is good that Rosie doesn’t hate, but perhaps Rosie should move to any one of two dozen Islamic countries, and remain openly gay in those nations. It is true we wouldn’t have to hear her hatred anymore, but still, we would never as Christians condone what would be done to her.

This horrific mass murder was not a hate crime by a homophobic American, it was an act of terrorism by a very hateful American who is a “fundamentalist” Muslim.

Hatred of fundamentalist Moslems is also not Christian. Telling the truth however is.


I sit in waiting for our President to speak. I am guessing, that in addition to a genuine and heart-felt statement about his sorrow for what happened and for all of those who died and were injured, as well as their families, he will also likely call this a tragedy rather than an act of Islamic terrorism, which we now know it clearly was. No doubt he will demagogue the issue of gun control and call for more of it.

Only when we call these things what they are, can we begin to get a handle on it.

I ask God to please help the injured and help the families who are left behind to cope with this act of mass murder.



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