A Page From The Past

I am thrilled to find out that one of the fathers of modern-day wildlife photography, Len Rue, and I mean the elder Rue, is not only still around but will be part of a large cast of workshop instructors at a 2015 seminar/workshop. Len was never my favorite when it comes to the art or quality of photography, but “the man” knows as much about the natural world as any photographer in existence. He is old school in his style and his ways, and I appreciate that very much. While I never met Len I am proud to say I do know a few of these other guys. The only criticism I have of the group, is it seems to me in 2015 they could have managed to get at least one or two of the many great woman nature photographers on this bill.  One reason that the feminine gender may be missing is this cast of characters are all a bit “long in the tooth” and there were very few women nature photographers in existence when they forged their names in nature photography. In other words, the fact that this is entirely an old group of photographers may not be an accident. The playbill does not state where this event is being held. I am sure that a quick Google search would reveal that.11825758_10206292502124303_6917841579991001912_n

Speaking of a page from the past. For some reason my WIFI provider claims that my monthly data usage quota has been reached. I am not quite sure what happened, and why I wasn’t notified before it reached this level, but that means for the next 8 days I won’t be creating any posts that are filled with lots of imagery. Just a picture here and there. I am still able to connect online only because I still retain old-fashioned dial-up as a backup plan. It only costs a few dollars a year. I however, long ago, lost the patience it requires to visit most websites and to upload or download images, on that 1995 version of web access. I will however at least be able to remain connected until the 11th of month when I begin a new cycle of data allowances for my WIFI. I know that a few of you who know me from Flickr read this blog. I administer my group Earth Images there daily, but alas, Flickr is almost impossible with dial-up, so I may be gone completely for a while. My usual WIFI connection is in fact, “blazing fast” so I will be screaming at my computer on more than one occasion over the next 8 days.

I want to congratulate the owners/trainer/fans of race horse American Pharaoh on his stakes win in New Jersey. He just keep rambling along. With all the negatives you hear about horse racing, many of them true, it is great to see a happy horse who loves what he is doing, not to mention the attention he gets. He just keeps building on his already legendary status.

I was listening to the news on the radio yesterday, and the newscaster recanted the story that a drug company has developed an Ebola vaccine that has proven to be 100% effective. The newscaster mentioned that he would quickly be investing in that drug company. How naïve can he be. He needs to invest in one of the law firms that will shortly be suing the drug company for health related issues. They will of course sue for the real, the imagined, and the “made up”. It’s not difficult to know where the money is in modern-day America.

Have a great day and I hope you all enjoy your 21st century internet access while I spend the next week and a half living in 1995.



IBeach2 180b


Have a great day and may God Bless,                                                                                      Wayne

p.s. Today’s pictures would normally take about 7-10 seconds in their entirety, to upload. They took me 45 minutes today.


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