Opinions, Opinions, Opinions!

Personal Statement

I am a lot of different things, some are good, and maybe even more are bad. No matter what you think about me, nobody can ever (honestly) say that I stand for nothing. The things that I do stand for, have been come by honestly. They are a mix of brain, heart and the experience of living. I never change my believes for convenience sake. I don’t flip flop to accommodate every new person who walks into my life. I can be convinced I’m wrong, but if that is your intent, you’d sure better have some good arguments and be able to throw a sharp fastball. Know what you’re talking about because there’s at least a chance, that I will.

I say this in reference to so much that I see in the world around me. It is true that more and more of what I do see, comes from news and other “second hand” resources, but I can only accept that people believe what they say they believe.

It seems the world is divided into two camps today. There are those who have made up their mind, and do not wish to hear another side, and there are those who wash back and forth as it becomes convenient. Mainly I think the second group wants to be liked. Many of the world’s most likeable people either lie about who they are and how they feel, or they have no internal compass that leads them to honest convictions.

I was brought up with a strong, opinionated, father and mother. They were however, willing to change if something convinced them that they were truly wrong. Otherwise, they stood on their beliefs. They spent a long life together and those strong beliefs were not always the same between each other. Just the same, they stayed together, and they held their personal beliefs.

The strength to hold strong to your views, while remaining open-minded enough to change them when it proves the right thing to do, is what is missing in much of America today. In the past, the majority had those skills, today it is a very tiny minority.

I know many of you tire of reading my opinions here on Earth Images. I actually don’t give my views regularly on social media, and if you knew me personally, face to face, you would find that it is seldom that I spout my views. If I do, you can be sure they will be worded strongly and with conviction. This blog however, is my forum. Photography, art, entertainment/pop culture, social, political, religious and more are all likely to be addressed here. I am always willing to entertain replies although they come on very rare occasions. Those replies to my opinions, need to be on subject, and without vulgarities. Otherwise, they will be deleted as I have been forced to do in the past.

All I ask, is that you occasionally read the opinions I offer, for better or for worse. They are only the opinions of one flawed person. I never intentionally follow the crowd, or avoid it. I suggest to each of you, to find (or create) a forum of your own. The only way we ever discover our similarities and our differences, and the only way we will ever learn from each other, is to make our opinions known, and be willing to change when we have been shown the error or our thinking. That combination, is what democracies are made of. We are rapidly losing the former (opinionated but open), and with it we also are also losing the latter (democracy)


Below is just a reminder that this is a photography blog.

Waterfall up close.8SlidesWaterWinterFall 010

Cardinal and Dandelions.14bDSC_6655

Say Ahhh!


Mom and pop. Eastern BluebirdsDSC_0320

Hunkered down. Pigeon.GeyeMil 074b

Here’s looking at you kid. Male red-bellied WoodpeckerHawBunting 004bbb


AbsractElMorro 078

Swallowtail ConventionT S2

Image making is a personal experience, whether you do it alone, or in a crowd. Go out today and use your camera to show us how you view the world around you.

God Bless, Wayne

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