The Whole Nine Yards

Most of the time the pictures that I share, whether they be mine or those of guest photographers, follow a common subject or theme. Today’s nine pictures come from nine different photographers and cover a myriad of subjects, in a variety of different styles. Variety is after all, the spice of life.

Barbara Seiberl-Stark made this compelling image in Patagonia in South America. The rust colored grasses and the mountains with clouds, make this shot special. The use of the small stream in the foreground is classic composition, and I think Barbara did a great job.1Patagonia Barbara Seibert-Stark

Here we have another classic comp, this time by Stefan Hefele. I don’t know where this was made but it is hard to picture a horizontal composition working as well here as the vertical does. Great work.2Anna-Kristina Planski

We stick with the natural world for this shot but it’s time to turn to black and white at a place called Three-break Point. I am guessing the California coast for this shot. Richard Sherman is the photographer and for me, this is a stunning image. The layers of tones are complex here while the comp is so simple it is stark, yet beautiful. This is one of my favorite black and white nature scenes of all time.3Break point Richard Sherman

With this picture we stick with black and white, while switching our subject to modern architecture.

Arman Ayya gets the credit for this image. I really enjoy this very stark combination of light and dark tones. Less is usually more and these last two images prove that.4Arman Ayya

Now let’s leave the genre of black and white while sticking with architecture as our subject. This room is aptly called the “planes room”. The building is in Lisbon Portugal and Portuguese photographer Miguel Almeida made the shot. This building seems a mix of new (airplanes) and old (architecture and furnishings), and I really enjoy the fact that the room is very, very busy (cluttered), yet it is ordered. At least in the way that Miguel chose his point of view. A very atmospheric room that would be fun to visit.5PC_5_PlanesRoom_g+Lisbon, Portugal Miguel Almeida

There’s always a spot in my heart, and on the Earth Images Blog for some wild things.

I am not sure whether the male lion is the grouch, or the lioness, but this is not a happy consummation. I suspect they retired to separate bedrooms. Maybe they’ve been married for ten years. Piper Mackay is the photographer and she is a specialist in all things African. It is great to know there is a top pro to go to and count on, for a subject as vast as Africa. As always, good job Piper.6Piper Mackay

I found this flower image to be both crisp and well defined, yet charming at the same time. I enjoy everything about this picture.  Gabby Gabriela is the photographer/artist.7Gabby Gabriela

I can’t get enough of these sorts of pictures. I mean, come on now, don’t you just want to walk down this lane? Especially when the light is like this? Yes I know that her choice of lens has compressed the distance between the trees, and they would be more open if we did take this walk, but still, this lane in that light?  Mona Hani made the picture and while there may only be one true (this one) composition for this scene, light either breathes life into a scene, or kills it, and the light is giving life in this shot.8Mona Hani

I don’t show a lot of people pictures here on Earth Images. I suppose that is mainly because I have never been much of a people photographer myself.  Just the same, especially in my earlier years, when I recognized a good photo, I made the picture when people were a part of it.

I really like this “eye popping” image of what is apparently a banana market, in Vietnam. I love the jarring colors and the relaxed natives and the contrast it provides. I eat a lot of bananas and apparently the market where I shop, is not the only place where they sell them while they are green.  Ed Cobb made the image and I think this is the perfect way to end today’s guest photographer section.9Chuoi_Xanh_Cho_Dong_Ba_Hue-Vietnam Ed Cobb

Since I was a small child, there has been, and will always be, something magic for me about a still photograph.  All the great movies, television shows and video shared on social media, will never (for me) replace the artistic act of stopping one small fraction of a second of life…..forever. You can take freeze frames from video and sometimes they are ok but the lack of intent, that exists when you capture that fraction of a second is missing, and it shows. How different and less fulfilling my life would have been if I had never picked up a camera, is hard to describe. I have been “shined upon” so many ways in my life, sometimes I just need to reflect and give God my thanks.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                      Wayne


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