The Road to Somewhere

Every road leads us someplace, be it to a sheer cliff, a mountain wall, or fields of clover. I mean that both metaphorically, and literally. To me, every road is worth the journey as long as we don’t let it end in disaster. The bumps along the way just make the journey worth remembering (and writing about). Some roads lead to other roads. Often it is that next road that is the most important. It is where we were meant to be in the first place. Either way, you won’t find the answer, if you don’t travel the road.

Below we have some roads. They all lead someplace, but sometimes the road is a destination, in and of itself.

When trees get in the way. The normal reaction to finding a tree in the middle of the path of an impending road, is to cut it down, and remove the stump. When a tree is as important as the road, such as the Chandelier Tree ( by Zanotti Photo), or a tree that provides the only shade for as far as the eye can see (by Beautiful Nature and Animals), you make the road find a different sort of path. Notice the horse seeking shade from that one lone tree in the second picture.1Hossein Amira

2Beautiful Nature And Animals One tree

I love roads like this. It’s hard to decide, whether it’s the desert or the mountains that it leads you too, that makes them so great. The only thing that would make this road better? Tear up that pavement and come back to good ole sand and dirt.. The photo belongs to David Bouskill.3Death-ValleyDavid Bouskill

I would imagine that this “road” is marked for competition for either cyclists or runners. I only know that I would want to travel it and enjoy the trip. That’s kind of the idea for any good road. This image comes from Beautiful Nature and Landscapes.4Beautiful Nature And Landscapes

The remaining images are mine.

Some roads provide interesting sites on the road, instead of alongside it. Such is the case with the Smith’s Rapids Bridge in the Chequamegon National Forest of northern Wisconsin.5Bridge 003

6Bridge 004

When your building a road you can move a tree if you need to, but a whole mountain? The answer is simple. Well, the answer is actually difficult. Go through the mountain. This was made in the Black Hills of South Dakota.7dsc_3267

I have driven a lot of mountain roads in my life, and sometimes it is as much fun to see where you’ve been, as where your going. This is the Chief Joseph Byway in Wyoming.8DSC_0374

Desert roads have as much atmosphere to them as mountain roads. A drive though the desert, while on the desert sand, is a journey not to be missed. Some of those roads lead to the morning sun, and some end in the eye of the storm.9Copy of DSC_2618bbb


Occasionally it’s not where the road is, although this one is in Yellowstone N. P., but who uses the road with you. We all decided that we were less important than our wild friends who with we shared the road.11DSC_0323

Some roads become a pathway to the seasons.

A country road can become a postcard at the right time of year. For me, autumn is the quiet time of year, and a road that provides a “journey into quiet”, is a good road for me.12Fall70 002

13Fall70 003blog

Paved country roads are nice, but a dirt road through the wilderness can be a journey that you remember for all of your life. If it’s about your destination, that destination is the wilderness.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Sunny days and cloudy days, both provide the wandering photographer with the ammunition needed for great autumn images. Both shots were made on remote roads in the forests of northern Wisconsin.14DSC_0078b


Of course fall is not the only season. I will finish today’s journey with a journey into winter.16DSC_6676

Roads aren’t just photographic tools, they are a part of life. They are important not because of the destination they lead us to, but because of the journey they provide for us. It’s not the “pot of gold”………… it’s the rainbow

Thank you and God Bless,                                                                                                           Wayne

James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up.




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