Unnatural: affected, artificial, contrived, or contrary to the physical laws of nature……….but visually stimulating.

I believe I’ve only published one photo post ever here at Earth Images, that contained no nature photos. That one was all architecture. Today we have a variety of subjects to peruse.

Nature is my favorite subject, but man has created many subjects/activities worthy of our cameras. At one time or another I have photographed almost everything I have seen, when my cameras were close by. Sports, architecture, street scenes, planes, boats and even people on a few occasions.

I have a photo group in Flickr called Earth Images and I limit the pictures posted to the subject of nature. A person or building is okay only if it’s very small in the picture frame. The picture cannot in any way be about people or buildings. No domestic animals, pets, or captive animals including zoos. Wildlife, if it is wild and free, can be anywhere, including perched on a car or in the middle of a city, or next to a person. Those rules are posted and I obey them with my own images. I remove images every day. Sometimes they did not read the rules, but they make sure they don’t repeat the mistake. I never question when that happens, as it can happen to anybody. It is however amazing, how many people will argue their picture should be allowed because it is really nature. One shot contained the photographers three children, lined up for the camera, in front of their house. The photographer argued that it was a nature image because there was grass (the front yard) in the photo. Another had posted several pictures of their dog. I explained the rules against captive, domestic animals and pets, and they chastised me saying this was clearly a nature photo because the dog was not on a lease. We live in an amazing world. No wonder we have troubles communicating with one another.

My rules for today are that the pictures must be about something “other” than nature. The sky in the photo may be provided by nature, but that’s not enough. The light might come from the sun (nature), but that’s not enough. Of course the great thing about having a group in Flickr, or a blog on WordPress is, that you get to set the rules.

This castle is in Scotland and Harald Meert made this nicely composed image. Those stormy skies add to the mood. Who wouldn’t want to visit this place?1Eilean Donan castle Scotland Harald Meert

Kasandra Kasandra (that’s right) made this picture which is the sort nightmares are made of. A lot of extra post processing work appears to have been done here, and done very well.2Kasandra Kasandra

Tim Grey made this “coming at you” photo pf a crop duster in action. I love the point of view here.3Tim Grey

Sam Mallery is the photographer in this aerobatics show photo. I have been to the Experimental Aircraft Association show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on one occasion and the World Aerobatics Competition at the same location as well. A great show for anyone who is not faint of heart, with great photographic possibilities. Despite bad weather and low ceilings I did manage a handful of 35mm slides of the action. Now if I only knew where they are!4Sam Mallery

Airplane-Pictures.net is responsible for this great sunset shot of a commercial airliner landing. SilverwingPix holds the copyright.5www.airplane-pictures.net

Take some time and think about all of the photographic possibilities that exist where you live.

Antique and classic cars may have the most image making possibilities of any single subject. From minute details to environmental shots, this subject has everything.

I love the black and white treatment and the unique composition by Classic Car Photography by Rob in this photo. Great job Rob!6classic car photograph by rob

We have a very different style of picture with this photo by Tim Wallace, for this modern sports car. Very creative location and sky and I especially like the splash from the red car in a monochromatic photograph. 7Tim Wallace www.ambienlife.co.uk

There’s nothing like old trains and this railroad yard shot done in black and white is very evocative. It captures a mood of days gone by and the choice of a night shoot was perfect. Daily Mail gets the credit.8www.dailymail.co.uk

Sports photography is near and dear to my heart and Picture Correct is the agency that published this splash scene of a golfer hitting out of a bunker. Actually this may have been staged with all of the unique lighting, but there is room in the world of photography for that too. Once again, black & white helps top reduce the scene to the basics. There is no doubt what the photographer (or the ad agency) wanted us to see.9www.picturecorrect.com

This is what auto racing, boat racing and certainly motorcycle (motocross) racing is all about. A telephoto lens was used causing a compressed shot of flying dirt, with the rider and his bike caught in a beautiful high-speed ballet. Sports photography.net made the picture.

Moto45 Motocross By Aperture Sports. Sports Photographer Based In Coventry

Moto45 Motocross By Aperture Sports. Sports Photographer Based In Coventry

I am sort of half nature lover, and half photographer. That means that from time to time the actual things of nature capture my attention and focus, more than photographs of nature do. Conversely, I enjoy photography of almost anything. Some people get angered, and this has happened to me, when a photographer who is known for nature, makes pictures of something else. I’ve known people who were actually mad at Art Wolfe when they found out he makes images of things other than nature. You may be a gourmet Italian chef, but every once in a while you cook Chinese or Mexican, or burgers.  Life is short, don’t shut too many doors.

Have a great day,                                                                                                                              Wayne



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