Simple Man

I guess I’ve made my fair share of Bald Eagle pictures in my years as a photographer. When I show Bald Eagle photos, I always seem to come back to the pictures that I made on two specific days in the field. The first was a great (below zero degree) day that I spent on a Mississippi River lock and dam in Illinois. There were wonderful photographic opportunities, and I have shown a lot of flight shots from there, but I will always love my time spent with these two eagles after they landed on the frozen river right in front of me.DSC_3138 zzDSC_3101 DSC_0105bbb





The other time was when an acquaintance and I worked a nest along a river in northeastern Wisconsin. It was a wonderful blue sky day, and mom and dad would alternate keeping watch while perched on some near-by branches, giving us many opportunities to show the best of these beautiful birds.DSC_4164ccc DSC_4181bbb DSC_4196bbb DSC_4193 DSC_4262bbb DSC_4268bbb I guess deep down inside I am a simple person. I always took great joy in standing with my tripod, a Bald Eagle in my viewfinder, and seeing how many different poses I could capture before it was time to move on. Often it’s the simplest pleasures that we remember the most. —————————————————————————————————— Faith I was ruminating yesterday on my walk with the Lord. I had been reading the Bible, and listening to an authority on that very Book. With his help it came to my attention just how difficult it is for many of us, myself included, to practice pure Godly faith, as it is pertains to Christ and Him Crucified. It is not just about believing in Him, it is about believing in what He did at Calvary‘s Cross, and how it can bring Victory to our lives. If you look at the greatest people of Faith in the Bible, New Testament and Old, you come to realize, that great actions witnessed or performed, did not bring them Faith, it was Faith that brought them to great actions. Faith always comes first. Faith is in fact, the catalyst of great things, not the result of them. ——————————————————————————————————– On my next post, I will share some great images from other photographers, and I will recant a somewhat prophetic story from my youth. God Bless,                                                                                                                                             Wayne

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