The Butterflies and The Bees……and more.

Let’s begin today with a delicate and beautiful pair of butterflies on a flower. Tomy T created the image and I am attracted to every aspect of this picture. There is an artistic mood the emanates from it. It can’t be denied. I found this image on Google Plus, and could not find a photographer who goes by the © name on the image, and I couldn’t re-find the image on Google Plus. So thank you Tomy T for sharing this great picture.1f22c477a1265563951ff78bfc0dd9a0Tommy T

This beautiful image is another example of why photographs of insects don’t need the subject to be an edge to edge close-up. Sometimes they work even better as a portion of a larger design. I really like way this pollen covered bee sort of peaks at us over the petals of this flower. John Kimbler is the photographer.2John Kimbler

Dramatic light is not just for landscape photography.  These Greater Kudos were photographed by Tabitha Zhong and both the light and the pose are art.3Greater Kudu Tabitha Zhong

We rarely think of Polar Bear pictures a in terms of a little animal…in its environment. As is often the case, Ian Plant looks at the big picture and sees the art.4Ian PlantPolar-bear-cub-lying-down-in-snowstorm,-Arctic-National-Wildlife-Refuge,-Alaska,-USA

I do not know where Keith Cuddeback made this picture, but it is a great example of beautiful light with a great subject. I would so love to visit (and photograph) this place although I doubt I could do it the justice that Keith did.5Machu-Picchu-stairs to the sacrificial altar Keith Cuddeback

This is an example of one of those pictures I would love to share at about 2000 pixels, but I will settle for the 748 that I found it. Notice that there are two human figures in this scene. This is another location (wherever it is) I would love to visit, but I am glad that Tony Gill did.6Tony Gill

Sometimes photography is so much about composition, and point of view, that we need to give the photographer all the props. Oh sure, this tree is pretty and there’s nothing like a hill, but Takashi Aoyama’s tip of the camera, and selection of background (none), makes this photo great.7Okkazuma Japan Takashi Aoyama

The again, when the subject is exceptional, and the point of view is excellent, we are bound to wind up with a great picture.. Timothy Selvage made the image.8vertorama-travel-architecture-photo-cathedral-norwich-003, Timothy Selvage


Sometimes in today’s world it seems like insanity and evil rule. Violence, deception and hate are front and center. Do not despair. There is a light in the distance. The darker it gets, the brighter that light will shine. In pure darkness, one small candle can be seen for over a mile.  Come out of the darkness, and into the light.


Have a great day,                                                                                                                            Wayne


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