Celebrating The Unusual

We have some unusual images today, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did finding them.

Simon-Carmen Andreou created this floral from a very special angle. I like the way that we not only look up at the blossoms, but we do so from a very close vantage point. The blue sky and the out of focus clouds serve to add to the picture.1Simon-Carmen Andreou

I only wish I would have spent a little more time making pictures like this.  It adds a dimension to our portfolio that might not scream artist, but it shows the humanist in you, and your love for the absurd. This photo was made in Grand Teton N. P. and for anyone who has been there or to near-by Yellowstone, you know that Ravens are very common here, and not very frightened of people. For any with doubts of digital hanky panky here, note the rain on the mirror, car and window, and then notice the disheveled and wet looking raven.  Kevin Brown made this great shot.2Kevin Brown Grand Teton Raven

I very rarely share people pictures on these pages, but when travel photography legend Brenda Tharp posts a picture like this, well it’s time for me to share. The picture was made in Portugal and I know nothing about this creatively garbed gentleman.3Brenda Tharp PORTUGAL

I love detail pictures that result in abstract visions and Gary Grabbe is very good at finding and creating these sorts of pictures. This is the wall of a cliff in Yosemite N. P.4Gary Crabbe cliff detail, Yosemite

This picture is definitely of a different sort for Earth Images Blog, but I thoroughly enjoyed how Darren Song Ng used minimal depth of field to make a common subject, special. It is instinctual for a photographer to want full near to far sharpness with a subject like this. It can be difficult, but sometimes worthwhile, to allow yourself to occasionally be counterintuitive with your photography.5Darren Song Ng

I do not believe I have ever shared an obvious digital manipulation before, but I was taken by this rather bazaar composite image by photographer/digital artist Glen Wexler. This blog is first and foremost about photography, not software editing and alterations. Just the same, it is good to explore all sides of the photographic equation.6Glen Wexler

I hope you enjoyed today’s images,                                                                                            Wayne


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