Our images today represent a variety of themes, and an equally varied number of treatments for those themes.  Every picture is different, and that’s what makes photography interesting.

Let’s begin today with macro star Mike Moats, and two beautiful renditions of flowers.

I love the simplicity of these single flower, clean background images. This is one of my two favorite styles of macro photography with flowers. Images like this are naturally elegant. Notice how the sidelight rims the blossom. Excellent.1Mike Moats

As you might expect, this compositional style of close-up flower photography is my other favorite. Here you can marvel at the incredible design of the interior of a flower, and at the skill of the photographer. Well done again.1Mike Moats2

Charles Cramer is another favorite photographer of mine. From a beautifully backlit winter landscape to an abstract of a rocky hillside, Charles is an artist. I especially like the old tree trunk in the second scene. His use of leading lines “almost” belies the fact that this is indeed an abstraction of reality.3Charles Cramer, Yosemite

4Charles Cramer

Huntington Witherill has a magic sense for finding the abstract. This shot is made up of dried mud, ice, and water with clouds reflecting in it. My Father used to have a term for people like Huntington. He said they have a “good eye”. I agree.5Cracked-Mud Huntington Witherill

I am not sure that I’ve ever seen a “coming at you” picture of an airborne Green Heron before. Jake Paredes solved that problem for me with this fine shot.5dJake Paredes Green Heron

There is little that can be said about this spectacular Gennano Manna picture of “splish/splash”  Amazing!!17100414718_fa20346d71_b

We’re way off subject for Earth Images when we view this Jim Taskett photo of old watch parts. I like images like this and in my earlier days of photography, a subject like this was just as likely to meet my lens as a bird or a mountain. It’s always two minutes to ten.6SwissmadeHero Jim Taskett

I am not sure where this beautiful cityscape (bridgescape?) was created, but it leads you on a wonderful journey. Alon Wolf is the photographer.7CF002627-web Alon Wolf

The format I use on this blog only allows for 640 pixels across the horizontal plane. When I first downloaded the above image I believe it was around 2,000 pixels across. I only wish I could have presented it that way. The detail/resolution was amazing and you really felt like you were “in” the picture instead of viewing it from the outside.

“One very important aspect of motivation, is the willingness to stop and look at things that no one else has bothered to look at. The simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted, is a powerful source of creativity” Edward de Bono

God Bless,                                                                                                                                      Wayne



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