Great Greys, Snowy Deserts & Shiny Cities.

Alonzo Guerrero created this endearing image of some sort of long-eared red squirrel as he wondered how to handle a bag of walnuts.Alonzo Guerrero

Logic tells me that these David Hemmings photos of a Great Grey Owl were made under captive/controlled conditions, but they were just too awesome to pass up. The detail in these pictures tells the tale of current cameras and software. Amazing!An David Hemmings Great Grey Owl

An David Hemmings Great Grey Owl2

Out next two images were created in Iceland and we can readily see why this photo business is called Available Light Images. Breathtaking is a word I use might use too often but it is surely warranted in this case.Available Light Images

Available Light Images2

Jack Dykinga is another one of those photographers that I occasionally share images from, that belong in that legendary category. Jack is an anomaly in that he began his career a long time ago as a photojournalist. A vocation that is near and dear to my heart. In 1971 Jack won the Pulitzer Prize. Probably the only nature oriented photographer to begin with such an amazing feat. He switched to fine art landscapes and we are all richer for it. He is best known for his large format film images.

Jack made this incredibly mood provoking image of a sunrise after a snowfall, in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.Jack Dykinga

One February in the late 1980s my Dad and I were traveling through Arizona and had just spent the night in Tucson. We woke up to exactly what you see in this picture. As was my rule from the 80s on, I never made pictures when traveling with a non-photographer. My Dad would not have minded but I would have wanted to devote every day to the pursuit of images, and that would not have been fair..

As an aside, they closed the main highway out-of-town because of “all that snow”. In Wisconsin, most people would be pressed to even remember a snowfall this small. Well….except for photographers.

We close out with a beautiful, glitzy, cityscape by Karen Hutton. I am not sure where this was made but Karen certainly created a dynamic composition. I can’t stop visually roaming throughout this picture. See what reflections you can find or what you see inside the buildings. This is a picture that grabs you in its entirety, and then takes you on a journey of detail. In most cases we find a literal scene, and then we can “see” the abstracts inside. It’s how we photographers often find abstracts. With this shot, at first glance the subject appears to be an abstract of light. As we travel through the picture we can then identify the reality within the abstract.

It is of course, those little details that always make up the picture. That’s true in photography and in life.Karen Huttton

Have a great day,                                                                                                                                Wayne


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