Seeing Between The Lines

We’ve all heard or used the term, “you have to read between the lines”.  The same is true of photography subjects, except the art of seeing is in order.  There is more (or less) than first meets the eye.

I love viewing the work of photographers who see between the lines. Those lines are the traditional markers we photographers use to decide what a picture should be, and what it should not. Photographers who simplify the complex, or add depth to the simple, who abstract the straight forward, or who bring tradition to the abstract, help make photography a unique art form. It’s all there for us to see and interpret, we just need to trust our knowledge, and our instincts. The two go hand in hand.

We just need to see between the lines.

Simplified lines with soft yet complex skies, make this image a winner for me. I love the straight forward journey we take to arrive at a surreal place. Well done Donald Withers.Donald Withers

This image seems very traditional for an Arizona slot canyon.  It is also very spectacular. That exquisite shaft of dusty light leads us towards a different world that lives outside the cave. Many photographers would abstract this image to the max, but oh so much would have been lost if Jack Graham’s vision would have been as clouded as the dust.Jack Graham

If we simplify the complex as Donald did in the first picture, is it a valid interpretation to leave some complexity for our eyes to ponder?  I thinks that’s exactly what we have with this beautiful picture by Jamie Konarski Davidson. We ponder. Of course that road you see into utopia, does bring the viewer hope that our journey will be gratifying.Jamie Konarski Davidson

This amazing abstract by Kerry Drager may be my favorite of that genre in the year 2014. Sand and surf is a traditional abstract subject but the lush, rich layers of color and contrast, along with the combination of crisp sand and soft surf in this photo create a seemingly altered world of reality. That is the byproduct of the great photographic vision (composition) of Kerry.Kerry Drager

How abstract can we make reality just by using a unique vantage point, and executing wonderful personal vision? This simplistic picture of snow and fence by Michael Kenna, is an aerial photograph of competing, yet complimentary lines. Michael saw between the lines. Not just those fence lines, but the photographic lines of his imagination.Michael Kenna

It has been an honor to see between the lines through the eyes of these fine artists.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                      Wayne


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