Magnificent Seven

My apologies to the old movie of the same name.

I have shared with you my own (mostly old) images on this blog, for many years. I was quite sure that it had begun to get pretty old with the regular readers of Earth Images, so I began the joyful sharing of imagery created by other photographers. I am beginning to see a trend in who’s pictures I pick to share. I return quite often to the same image makers because they are so good. They perpetually produce pictures that are worth your time. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.

I try to keep up with changes that I see in the images from the photographers I observe in the market place. I have to admit that technology is a part of the story.

Not only do noise free cameras with the ability to shoot at 10,000 ISO and up, give photographers a “leg up” in making images that are tack sharp due to a high enough shutter speed, and can carry enough depth of field to produce near to far sharpness (when desired), but the sensor resolution is good enough to display breathtaking detail. Now new software programs allow sharpening that without added noise or artifacts, can produce results that will defeat any internet related compression. I can only imagine how freeing it must be to share images that are capable of looking good on any website, including this one. Photos that will on social media will match the quality you see at home on your computer.

Of course even with these universal advantages over previous eras, some photographers get their head up above the crowd. It’s those photographer/artists that I feature on Earth Images.

Today I bring you seven magnificent photographers.

Colorado wildlife photographer Dan Walters continues to create superb images. He describes this image of two Wild Turkeys as a fight, but it might just be rough love.Dan Walters

In a similar but more sentimental picture, Kathy Rogers catches this special moment between two ducks.Kathy Rogers

Maarten Appel produces a lot of dreamy type land/seascapes. I really enjoy this picture and commend Maarten for leaving this image dark and moody. Long live the sunrise/sunset silhouette.Maarten Appel

Guy Tal has become a personal favorite of mine in the world of both abstract, and straight forward landscapes. His careful, deliberate selection of subjects, framing, and focal lengths is superior to almost anyone I observe.

For those who think that beautiful, and/or unique landscape work needs to be made like a spirit floating above the earth, Guy with his emotional, yet clear, and very deliberate image making needs to be appreciated.Guy Tal

The venerable Jim Zuckerman is the king of semi contrived imagery  Those created pictures are beautiful and memorizing. Sometimes it pays (me) to remember that Jim often photographs nature in the most straightforward of ways. This shot of Iquazu Falls which borders both Brazil and Argentina is powerfully composed. Also I give Jim props for being willing to use a high shutter speed to stop the water on this large and powerful falls, instead of going for the cotton candy affect which works so well with smaller more intimate falls.Jim Zuckerman Iguazu Falls, Aregentina Brazil

One of the most photographed subjects in the world are the wild horses of Provence, France. Shooting there means using a somewhat “created” set of circumstances such as driving the herd through the water, but when the photographer has the skill set of Rick Sammon, the resulting pictures are sensational.Rick Sammon Provence France

For our final picture we return once again to wildlife photographer David Hemmings. When you want breathtaking images of Brown Bears, David is one of the two best in the business. This shot is dripping in quality. Wouldn’t you like to be David for just one week?David Hemmings

Have a very special day and for those of you here in the U.S, have a Happy Thanksgiving,                                                                                                                            Wayne




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