Single Purpose

The only real purpose for today’s post, is to celebrate great photos by great photographers, Short and sweet.

The shear joy of it all. This wonderful picture is from David Hemmings and shows some Arctic Kit foxes romping, jumping, and just plain having fun. You cannot help but feel good when you view this image.

Arctic Kit foxes, David Hemmings

Igor Siwanowicz created this flawless image of a Chameleon. Lizards are one of my favorite photographic subjects, and I only wish I could have gotten a photo or two of Chameleons during my career.

BIgor SiwanowiczChameleon

Beautiful land and a beautiful sky make for…..well, a beautiful image. I believe this is Valley of Fire Nevada. Alan Shapiro created this superb picture.

G Valley of Fire Nevada, Alan Shapiro

Marcel van Balkom won himself a National Geographic award for this moody, superbly composed landscape. I always cheer when I see a vertical landscape.

Marcel van Balkom Nat Geo award

To close things out we have an image from Piper MacKay. When I think photography and Africa, I think of Art Wolfe or Piper. She is as good with indigenous cultures as she is with wildlife and the term powerful came to mind when I first saw this photo. If you know me, you know I love the balance between light and shadow. That and the garb, makes this picture extra special.

X Piper Mackay SamburuWarrior,Kenya

Make today special,                                                                                                                       Wayne


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