Bad Ideas

I like idea people, but if an idea turns out to be bad, it is of little consequence that the intent behind that idea, was good.

Two great examples from the 1960s were Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” welfare system. I believe his (and the congress) “primary” motivation was to help people, although many others in politics envisioned that a far more selfish (individual and party) accomplishment could be garnered by this system. It rewarded irresponsibility and selfishness. It stated that the only way to get a raise in your monthly check was to pop out yet another child. It is also made sure, that the father stayed out of the child’s life. Such wisdom.

Then there was busing. Only when the originators of that system realized that even the people who were supposed to benefit from up to three hours a day on the road, hated it, did they without admission of failure,  squash the plan.

If you think I am being mean, as a young person I thought both of those programs were valuable. I of course was young.

When I was 18 years old, the allowed age to drink alcoholic beverages in my home state of Wisconsin, was 21. Well…sort of. If the county you lived in desired, they could allow “beer bars” for 18,19 and 20 year olds. I mean it’s only beer right? You can’t really get intoxicated on beer…..right? The reasoning was that if you were old enough to serve in the armed forces, you should be able to have a beer. I admit it is hard to argue with that.

The county I lived in, Racine, and the next county to the north, Milwaukee, had no “beer bars” The county to the south, Kenosha, and dozens of others throughout the state, had beer bars. Being enterprising young Americans it had already occurred to us when we were about 14, that at 18 years of age, we could get drunk on beer, if we just drove far enough.

The wisdom of the state to allow beer bars can be questioned here, but the wisdom of those two counties to disallow it, was fatal in many cases. My friends and I not only drove to Kenosha sober and then drove back quite drunk, but we would often take a 150 mile round trip to other counties. We would drink all we could, and climb into our car for a great (and drunken) 75 mile trip home through the darkness. Often on roads we had never even seen before. My friends and I have even taken a vacation touring counties with beer bars.

Now as 18 year olds we “own” the responsibility to have been more mature in our judgment. Just the same, the decisions of political types have consequences. What they choose to do with our lives, has ramifications that can travel a long distance, much like I did to fill up on beer, or those children did to attend a school they didn’t even want to visit, much less learn at.

A lot of things sound good when you first hear them. Often times they are crafted to sound good, and to make you feel you are bad person if you object. It pays to inquire as to the motivation of political decisions. Not only because of political greed, but because of misplaced sentiments both by the creators, and the supporters.


Good Ideas

Looking at nature pictures (even mine), is always a good idea.  Whether those images relay information and educate to you, or pass along a sense of art, they are a good idea.

There is nothing like the red rock country in the high desert of the American Southwest.

This image of an arch was made shortly after sunrise on a spring morning round about 1992. Most of my scapes on that trip, were made with my medium format Pentax 6×7 but this was once created using my Nikon 35mm gear. This particular morning began with sunrise silhouettes of the iconic Balanced Rock formation, and on to one arch after another. There are many personal reasons why this morning, stands tall among the (outdoor) mornings of my life.

My wish for everyone is that they will be able to look back at a life filled with the richness of mornings like this.

UtMiTenn 034

I know. We’re not even done with autumn, and here comes winter.

This blue ice and rock, is so colored by open shade. Those blue skies can reflect into the shadows and create a surreal world.


Nothing much to say here. Light and shadow on the Black canyon of The Gunnison.

BLCanSanJuan2 060_ 060_3 060

Time to take off now. Bonaparte’s Gull.

Copy of CaspianFox 132

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s all about the journey!

Have a great day,                                                                                                                                  Wayne




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