Pick Six

I’d like to share with you seven great images by six superb photographers. There is a lot of photographic talent in the world.

Our first two images were both made in Colorado.

Dan Walters is a fine Colorado wildlife photographer. I get to see his images daily and it always makes my day. This image of a coyote singing is flawless. Back in the days when coyotes didn’t blanket North America I met my first ones when I lived in the Centennial State.


One of this world’s most beautiful and powerful locations is around Telluride Colorado. Third generation landscape star March Muench made this incredible image. I enjoyed those days when I could wander into locations like this after only a couple of hours of driving


Famed nature/airplane photographer Moose Peterson clicked the shutter on this beautiful picture of a road into the beauty of autumn. I like his composition and the unique path it opens for us.


My favorite zoo photographer is without a doubt Laurie Rubin. If you don’t love this photo of a baby Cheetah your heart is hard.

Got Milk ©Laurie Rubin_LAR9861

All of Laurie’s wildlife photos are not made in zoos, and when she’s out in nature, she’s been known to create a landscape or two. I was immediately attracted to this shot of  Yellowstone Falls. Finding out that Laurie made it was only a bonus.

Oh What a View © Laurie Rubin_LAR8837

Suzi Eszterhas is a top-tier wildlife photographer and if you weren’t endeared to the Cheetah, you will certainly melt of this image of a Lioness and her cub. It was made in Africa.


I like discovering new (to me) photographers and today I bring you Bill Eikemo and a breathtakingly detailed image of a hawk. I am not sure of the type, but I love those eyes.


I take a lot of joy in finding powerful pictures by great photographers, I hope you like them.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                      Wayne




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