Studying Pictures

Unless you are fortunate enough as a photographer, to be a born artist, taking time to think about pictures, both your own and those created by others, will make you a better and more artistic image maker. I have spent the past 43 years looking at, and thinking about, photos. It was worth every minute.

Today’s first guest image was made by Peter Carroll. I love the selection of a pano format for this, and the sun star really makes it pop. Those lens flares do not bother me, in fact I think they add to the picture. As is usual for me, shadows falling in the right place, make for a special image. They hold just enough mystery to make this picture a winner for me.


Israeli photographer Yossi Eshbol continues to produce stunning wildlife action photos. He caught these Golden Jackals in the middle of play (or fighting) while using enough shutter speed to stop the disrupted sand in mid-air. Great job as always.


Our final image, while the least spectacular of today’s three guest photos, is my favorite. I am inspired by the beautiful mix of soft overcast light and sunshine. Those dunes and the skies (Washington State), have a painterly quality that is almost surreal. Exploiting beautiful light is something that every photographer should strive for.  A great composition doesn’t hurt either. Thank you John Paul Caponigro for this work of art.

Sand Dunes, Cervantes, Washington

This final image is mine and it proves that beautiful light, and compositional simplification , can make a normal picture at least a little special. The background was indeed simple, but it has also been darkened just a bit.

HH Sept 093

If today’s post seems a little thin in its number of subjects, well sometimes my thoughts get a little thin and my posts are always a reflection of my thoughts.


The link and info below is for those of you who live in this area, and love Mike Moat’s macro images. His workshops are usually well attended.

Mike Moats 2015 Macro Boot Camp Holiday Inn Express, Milwaukee,WI(near airport) May 1,2,3, Cost $199

I was asked by someone why Mike uses Tamron lenses. I would guess, it is because Tamron makes excellent lenses costing less than Nikon/Canon and other camera manufacturer lenses. Tamron might also sponsor him with equipment. There may also be photographers using Tamron lenses, who might want to take a workshop with him because of it.

It often pays to be different.



Thank you and may God Bless,                                                                                                       Wayne


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