mus·ings [myzingz]
thoughts: thoughts, especially when aimless and unsystematic

Encarta ® World English Dictionary ©

The above definition of today’s title, pretty well sums up my writings in this post.  They are just a series of random thoughts.


I have been working with two different computers recently and it is always an interesting experience to view images on different computer screens. I have done this before and I’ve found that even when the screens are set to the same resolution, and calibrated in the same fashion the same image will differ in its appearance between the two computers. With three computers there will be three different appearances. The same photo on one screen will look soft or un-sharp, perfectly sharp on another one, and over sharpened on another. The colors will be dull on one screen, beautiful on another, and cartoonish on a different one. It is the one thing we cannot, and never will be able to control. Everybody viewing our pictures, whether they be at home or office, will see something different. Of course tablets and (especially) smart phones, add a whole new element to the equation. The only answer, and it’s not a good one, is to set your screen at an in between or moderate resolution and color cast, edit your pictures to fit that criteria, and let the chips fall where they may.


I have two outstanding  images of wild horses today, by two superb photographers

The first one was made by Jack Graham and the subject matter are some Icelandic Ponies coming straight at you. He swears he got out-of-the-way in time.


This shot belongs to Deborah Sandidge and is one of many I’ve seen of these great French wild horses, although Deborah’s may be the best.


Amazing pictures!!


For the auto racing people who read this blog, I can’t say just how much enjoyment I have had recently following ( on Facebook) racer Kenny Schrader. At the end of last season Kenny finally retired from NASCAR Cup racing to concentrate on running his dirt modified all around the country. He has won several times this year with that car. He also has been running on the asphalt with his ARCA legal short track car. He recently raced six times in seven days/nights. Oh ya, in his spare time he will run his NASCAR Truck at Eldora on the high banked dirt, he just raced a USAC Silvercrown car on the pavement, also racing that day in his ARCA car, and will race a midget soon. By the way, Kenny will reach 60 years old on his next birthday.

As a photographer I covered Kenny in USAC Sprint Cars, Silvercrown Cars and midgets. I also photographed him in action in World of Outlaw Sprints, USAC Stock Cars, NASCAR at Bristol, Tennessee, and late models on the dirt at Hales Corners Speedway in Wisconsin, and asphalt late models at Slinger, WI. Kenny is truly the last real “outlaw” in car racing. Just as an aside, Kenny is one of the nicest people in all of sport.10556388_10152543019473953_5516611677450288840_n

Life can be fun when it’s filled with passion.


I‘ll leave you with a few of my own images..

First we have four bird action shots beginning with two pix of Bald Eagles, and then two shots of Rough-legged Hawks.DSC_2957




Animals have to eat and some of them eat other animals.

The first bird is an American Kestrel having a Vole for lunch, and then we find a Horned Grebe and then a Snowy Egret with some sushi for breakfast.DSC_3555

zBP 095c


Let’s finish with a female Red Fox with a very large Groundhog.Fox3 149


Have a great day and I’ll see you again soon,                                                                                  Wayne





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