Six Pack

There is not much to say today so I thought I would share with you six great images from six fine photographers.

I know Rob Sheppard from his days as the managing editor of Outdoor Photographer. Rob is a prolific writer and as a photographer I love his great macros and landscapes. This image of a Green Lynx Spider, both the critter and its shed skin, is outstanding.10152475_642024219217248_8702019164410823505_n

You can feel the power in this Don Smith photo of a dramatic storm over the Grand Canyon. Why did this never happen when I was in a place like the Grand Canyon?1610005_10152482238783083_2840269322550466755_n

Ruth Hoyt is a superb bird photographer. I follow her imagery closely on Facebook. She is the queen of the beautiful and elegant, well composed image.1907993_4108792575752_2901798043168607096_n

G Dan Mitchell is a Flickr friend of mine and he has a very distinctive style to his work. His shots are often misty and surreal much like this backlit image from Big Sur California.10308588_10154090251225573_877602424139511010_n

I have been enjoying a series of Dalmatian Pelican photos from Ellie Rothne on Facebook. Her series is filled with unique compositions and great bird interactions and have kept me entertained for quite some while.10270734_739359152781948_9168554356361746746_n

I have saved the biggest name for last with this wonderful Art Wolfe image of desert, barren trees and star trails.10330498_689415831117283_4917721921728353925_n

One more.

I know today’s post carries the title Six Pack, but at the eleventh hour I decided to share with you this Hasan Baglar entry to Sony’s World Photographic Awards12382_10152348040803972_702377451144250767_n

Sticks & Stones next time.



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