The Thinker

I was going to start today’s post with a photo of Auguste Rodin’s statue called “The Thinker”, except I don’t allow nudity on the pages of Earth Images. My most powerful memories of that statue are from the TV show Dobbie Gillis. Ah if only Maynard G. Krebs (Gilligan) was here now.

I and many of you that I know personally, and who read this blog, are “thinkers” in the manner that this post is about.  In many respects, it is you that I write for most of the time. The statement above is not meant to necessarily be a compliment, because as you know, being a thinker can be a curse, and it is not always something we choose to do. We thinkers are not more intelligent than those who know enough to rest their brains. Some might say less.

I think about every aspect of life every day. Over and over. I think about things from my point of view….and from yours. I analogize things up and down, and from left to right. I want to know the truth, and I want to understand it, and I want to know now.

I have written many times on these pages about my car/photo trips. I have mentioned how much I love the beginning of those trips. I almost always drive at least all night. It’s easy for me. I’m awake and thinking anyway. One trip to Texas I went three days without sleep. I do not suggest doing that, but it worked out okay for me. Epiphany/revelation often presents itself at 3 a.m. on a lonely road.

I am sure that in the modern way of thinking, I would be considered to have had a sleep disorder for most of my life. I don’t agree with that, but indeed my sleep habits, even as a child were irregular. When a ten-year old on summer vacation gets three or four hours of sleep a night for three days, and then sleeps 18, well I admit that is not “normal”.  No I was not depressed. I was usually excited about the next day. I was a curious child. I am a curious adult.

Thinkers get things done. Sort of. Unfortunately I can testify to the fact, that many of those things are fairly useless. Understanding why people act the way they act, is pointless unless you do something with your life (judge, social worker, cop, teacher, etc.) where it can be put to an actual use.

Many of you may have noticed that when it comes to photography, I don’t just do it, I think about it. That has benefited me but I will admit that it is not necessary to think about it as much as I do. That thinking did allow me to teach workshops. It meant when I had a partner in workshops, while she guided us, I taught.  I enjoyed the teaching, she enjoyed the guiding. When an advanced One on One student once proposed some questions that I had no answers for, I had them by the time we finished.  I was thinking.

To all of you thinkers out there. I know there have been many sleepless nights. Often you wished you could stop thinking and just rest. You have a purpose in life. Everybody contributes and the thinkers put in overtime. We think because we have to, but we also want answers. Answers can make life better.

I bring to you two fine images of wild African Leopards by Brendon Cremer. I have made it a point to enjoy today’s pictures, but not think too much about them.



Gotta love this baby Sea Lion in the Galapagos Islands by Deborah Sandidge.10257046_731261330230640_5064000910888630593_n

This Bison silhouette was created in Yellowstone Nation Park by Ellie Rothnie.


“The only person who learns more than a good student, is a good teacher”                                 Wayne Nelson

Have a great day and God Bless,                                                                                                         Wayne

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