Exploring New Talents

Every day my journey guides me towards someone new with talent, or someone from the past, with a new talent.

I mentioned in my last post that this time around I would feature the paintings of  photographer (Art Wolfe) who is a painter turned photographer, and those of a photographer (Joseph Rossbach) who is just beginning his journey as a painter.  As it turns out, I could not locate any jpegs of Art’s paintings, so I will share with you two Rossbach paintings.

It does not surprise me that a photographic artist like Joseph can paint, although the hand skills required to paint, often  means that photographers cannot.  Below you see two of the first three paintings that he released on Facebook.  Knowing how meticulous he is, I imagine that he first painted a few that he did not release. Either way, his talent shines through.  I will enjoy seeing what he creates as time goes by.1546330_10202558632639857_762287507_n


When I share painting and photography on the same pages, it is really not fair to the painter. I imagine there are art lovers that might think just the opposite.  The truth is that painting is a very different medium and they often look somewhat crude or cartoonish when compared to the stark, crisp reality of a photograph. I try to imagine myself in an art gallery with only paintings. When separated into its own world, the sophistication of the art in the painting begins to show through. While standing in front of a painting, you can see the brush strokes and you understand the intent of the painter.  Give it a try.

Back to photography,

I came across Jamie Konarski Davidson on Facebook the other day, and was very impressed.  She makes a variety of types of images, and they are all great. Whether black & white or color, or whether crisp and sharp or soft and dreamy, they carry her signature in more ways than just her autograph. There seems to be no subject that she cannot interpret artistically. For that reason I am showing an unusual amount of her photos.  I always get excited when I come across a talent that I have never met before.1794666_741911475843655_427744287_n







387329_306889262679214_239312298_n.While I didn’t find any files of Art Wolfe’s paintings, it is always an honor to display an Art Wolfe photograph.  Is it any wonder why so many people pay Art to teach workshops and seminars?  He gives his insight on how to use patterns, light and more, to make a great photograph.

I should always add that Art, John Shaw and all of those great veteran pros, put only small images on social media or their websites. I don’t blame them.  I have seen this image in a larger version and it actually improves.1982282_10203283264110682_1960095348_n

I recently read a blog post by Samantha Chrysanthou entitled A Voice in The Wilderness.  For anybody, be you famous or unknown, who shares their images, this is for you.  It is worth reading because she puts into words, what we are all thinking.

I began sharing images in 1971.  My first photos were published in two auto racing newspapers.  One was called Midwest Racing News, and the other was The Checkered Flag Racing News. My name rested under photos that several thousand readers would see. They were in black and white and they were action images of car racing. It was a nerve-racking experience until I honed the craft a bit, and then moved on to bigger publications and different subjects.  Even though I went on to get untold numbers of images published in every kind of print media that would accept me, there was still that rock in my throat when I would first see a newly published image.  How would the people who might view this picture, react to it?

In 1997 I began publishing on the internet.  That little experiment continues today. The only difference is that those of us who began then or before, have been joined by tens of millions.  Just the same, each and every one of us has to endure that rock in our throats every time we put an image on social media or our own website.

Samantha’s article was written for you and for me.

Have a fine day and God Bless,                                                                                                  Wayne

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