Birds on a Stick

Today’s title sounds like something you would eat at a state fair, but in reality it is a series of photos of birds that are perched on branches, twigs, wooden posts, (Cattails) etc.  In other words…birds on sticks.

Male Eastern Meadowlarke0c78b6470_o


Male red-winged BlackbirdBY2012 055

Female Red-winged BlackbirdOspreyBlBird 100

Snowy OwlSnOwl2 237

Swainson’s HawkDSC_09

Cooper’s HawkCopy of DSC_5790b

American KestrelDSC_9659

Black-crowned Hight HeronHorA 007

American GoldfinchDSC_9973

Song SparrowsDSC_3182

HorC 038

Yellow-headed BlackbirdsDSC_0243b

Female Purple MartinsPurpMart 136

urpMar2 014

???BsqBee 001

I was reading some criticism of blog writers the other day, and many of those criticisms could easily relate to me.

One complaint was that the writer in question used too many contractions.  Not very classy I guess.  I use contractions perpetually.  I do so because that is how I speak.  My goal is to write in a similar fashion as I speak. When you do see me use something like what is, instead of the contraction what’s, that is intentional on my part.  It means that if I were speaking, I wouldn’t have used the contraction in that circumstance.  I do occasionally use the wrong word. There, their, and they’re is a good example.  That is a mistake on my part.  I know better, or should I say I no better. Just another example. I write things like…Just another example as a sentence.  I do that on purpose because I want to.  It is often how I talk.  I occasionally misspell words. You may ask, how can you possibly misspell a word with the great spell checkers today? Sometimes I misspell words just because I am an excellent speller.  I am confident enough not to use a spell check.  Of course any misspelled words always occur when I don’t (do not) spell check them. Your grammar is often incorrect. While that is sometimes due to ignorance, it is generally because I don’t care. My goal isn’t (contraction) to be a great technical writer…it is to be an interesting one. You use parentheses ( ), and extended periods……way too much. That is true, and it will not likely change.  I do it because it says what I want to say.  It helps make my point.  I once (or twice?) used an apostrophe as a plural instead of in a contraction or as a possessive.  That is true.  While traveling this journey of words, I have also been known to occasionally dangle a participle, or end with a preposition .

It is (no contraction) true that “I ain’t got no fanci paper degree on tha wall.  I got no good learnin so I cin only rite the waye i thinck.smileys_Laugh

It seems that there is always plenty in life to criticize. I know that, because I also offer a lot of criticism.  Sometimes it would be easier for the critic to just ask why, but criticism of someone writing on the internet with the intent of public consumption, is perfectly proper.

I will put together another post including the work of visiting photographers soon.

I was attempting to insert an image into an email recently and accidentally clicked on this slice of the past.

Earth Images by Wayne Nelson
Stock Photography, Workshops & Fine Art Prints Of The Natural World

Have a great day,                                                                                                                          Wayne

“We are all the result of the choices we make”

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