Switching Gears

I sometimes complain about what a big part equipment and software are currently playing in photography.  Between complaints maybe I should take note of the incredible artistic vision that many of today’s photographers possess.

I would like to introduce you to outstanding Czechoslovakian landscape artist Krzysztof Browko

The first two images you see below were made in the autumn farm fields of the South Moravia area of the Czech Republic.  They are somewhat reminiscent of John Shaw’s early work in the Palouse farm country of Washington State.  I love the sweeping curves, and that dappled light is pure drama.  These are successful images for me because they make me want to be there.  In fact I would have given a lot to have been there when the shutter was clicked.from-krzysztof-browko


I know not where this image was created, but its simple elegance cannot be denied.  Krzysztof has amazing “vision”!Krzysztof-Browko_-_2125038i

Shifting Gears. From beauty and elegance to speed, noise and grit.  I know I have shared with you my past life as a car racing photographer, but I have never before shared anyone else’s work.

This picture came from Google Photos and was clicked by Andee Fishee.6873197434_0044de93d6_z

The NASCAR shots below are also from Google Photos but I do not know the photographers.nascar-race-car-cost-4


Auto racing photography is done amidst the noise and confusion of an event that is like no other.  It does take a few special qualities.  Depending on the track you are working at, the nerve to stand your ground and the common sense to run your tail off are as important as the photography.  Racing photography allowed me to stand side by side with some of North America’s finest photographers of that genre. One such image maker was the legendary Armin Krueger.  He began racing photography in the 1930s with a 4×5 Speed Graphic.  That’s right, 4×5 inch b&w film.  He would make one shot, reverse the film holder and make another shot and then replace the entire holder. No action sequences back then.  Armin was sometimes referred to as the Godfather of racing photography. I would show you some of Armin’s pictures, but I do believe the death penalty is in place for “borrowing” them.

The four pictures below were made by me, in a former life.gDSC_6908DSC_3819nDSC_6849


Thank you for stopping,                                                                                                              Wayne

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2 Responses to Switching Gears

  1. cminer52 says:

    Great posting Wayne, versatility is something I need to work on.

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