Place to Place

I’ve not a lot to share today, but I have been wandering from place to place (electronically) enjoying the imagery of others.  Check out the links below.

If you love old barns the way I do, you might want to check out the images of Alison Meyer.

Check out the landscape photographer of the year awards from The HuffingtonPost.

I’ve always enjoyed flying.  Big jets, little prop planes, helicopters.  Anything that brought to me the gift of flight has given me joy. There are photographers who specialize in airplane photography.  Mike Fizer is one such photographer.  His imagery contains a certain amount of Photoshop induced art, but I thought you would find it interesting.

Currently one of the world’s premier wildlife photographers, is  Charles Glatzer.  I have sung Charles’s praises before on this blog.  I believe it is that time of year for him to return to the land of the Polar Bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  The three images below are his and just look at the beautiful light in the pano crop!  Great photographers and great light seem to go together. Check out his website for workshops. I just added the Arctic Fox photo, and that is indeed an image that has just been made in Churchill. White on white is never an easy exposure, but Charles’s expertise and experience is enough to nail it, every time.12079_725153884179672_1337304169_n



The mix of clouds and sunshine the past few weeks have made for a number of spectacular sunrise/sunsets in these parts.  Many have been as good as I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them. I hope those of you from this area have been able to get out and “interpret” with your cameras.  The truth is that many of the sunrise/sunsets I have shown you on these pages have lasted three or four seconds at their peak. Not a lot of time, but the trip is always worth it.  It also pays to remember that it only takes the tiniest sliver of colorful light, and a telephoto lens to turn what seems to be a gray morning or afternoon, into a glorious one. For many years, sunrise/sunset was my number one photographic category.  Birds and other great nature subjects, eclipsed them over time as far as sheer numbers go, but I never forgot where I made my name and I always considered them a very special subject.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the men and women of the American military, past and present,  for all you have done and all you have given, both yesterday and today.

Have a great day,                                                                                                                          Wayne

If you can accept strong social/political opinions, check out Social Justice.  This article has nothing to do with photography.

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