The Cycle of Life….Mystery Baby

It is true that I don’t make pictures anymore.  There are a couple of reasons for that and of course it saddens me.  Just the same who I have been all of these years makes it difficult sometimes to say no.

My sister found this little mystery bird perched on a bush in my backyard this morning. I made these pictures quickly and baby was soon being fed by a parent. I am not even sure of the breed after observing (at a great distance) the parent.

As a note, I used my Nikon camera and  Bogen tripod with my Nikon 105 Micro lens.  I used aperture priority at f16 with a shutter speed of ¼ sec. I used my self timer in order to keep my fingers off the button during the action of the shutter.

The natural world is a wonderful thing and it is always fulfilling to observe as it goes through the cycle of life.Copy of BabyBird 007

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2 Responses to The Cycle of Life….Mystery Baby

  1. ron says:

    Did you get one of parent? Just a guess but it could be brown thrasher.

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